#LivingArrows – Cooking & Convalescing 49/52 (2020)

It never rains but it pours as following my Fathers funeral, poor J came down with a terrible ear infection which required a weekend trip to A & E and two days off school to rest, recuperate, and to recover. Though his ears are still quite red and sore to touch, he seems far more spritely and so we’ve got our bags packed and at the ready to return to school in the morning.

#LivingArrows - Cooking & Convalescing 49/52 (2020)

Whilst J and I have slept, snoozed and sofa surfed, E is full of beans and raring for Christmas to come, bless her. She’s been busy baking brownies in the kitchen with her Dad this week, although I’d usually consume our little ladies cooking fairly quickly, I’ve barely any appetite at present and so we’ve got tins full of goodies to get through!

#LivingArrows - Cooking & Convalescing 49/52 (2020)

With just a fortnight to go until the Christmas holidays land, the kids are starting to feel festive which is wonderful considering all that they’ve been through of late. I’m well aware that I may not be entirely happy this Christmas but I’m holding out hope that my family and I can at least be in good health.

Thank you for reading and as always, I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

Living Arrows


  1. December 11, 2020 / 1:39 pm

    Ooh I love a brownie! I hope he has recovered from his poorly ear now?

    • December 11, 2020 / 9:33 pm

      He seems to be on the mend now thanks to anti biotics

  2. December 12, 2020 / 7:44 pm

    I hope you’re all feeling better now. You need a break from the rough stuff x

    • December 12, 2020 / 11:14 pm

      Thanks we are a bit healthier thanks

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