#LivingArrows – Savouring Every Moment 39/52 (2017)

After what I can only describe as a whirlwind of a weekend both the kids and us adults are utterly exhausted. It was literally a none-stop till you drop couple of days, our routine went straight out of the window and whilst we each had great fun it felt rather unusual and I wasn’t too keen on being apart from my kids nor my husband for that length of time.

Paul left early on Saturday morning for his brothers stag party in Sheffield whilst I kept the kids entertained until later that evening. Having work myself I then left the kids for their first ever over-night stay with my in-laws. I knew that they would be absolutely fine but that didn’t stop me from fretting the entire time.

Following an extremely busy bar shift I headed home to an empty house (unless you count the dog who is almost twelve years old and is quite literally on her last legs). I busied myself with vacuuming, cleaning and sorting laundry then packed my case for Blog On. I then ran myself a bath and headed bedwards ready for a big day ahead.

It felt so bizarre laying alone in bed alone that night, Paul may drive me up the wall with his snoring at times but I missed his presence, I missed his company and I missed my family. Somehow or other I managed to sleep before being woken at 4am with the dog crying to be let out, I then settled myself for another hour or two before heading out towards Manchester.

Living with anxiety ain’t easy and having spent days worrying about my journey to a ‘new’ venue I had armed myself with sat-nav, a large supply of refreshments and an array of Music to listen to whilst I drove. Almost two hours later I arrived without any problems at the venue and spent the remainder of the day milling around Manchester United’s home turf mingling with bloggers and brands whilst learning a few tips and tricks which over time I hope to put into action on this here blog.

It was a great day which I will write more upon in separate post shortly but the journey home was a killer, I was utterly exhausted thus dosed up on caffeine, the motorway was much like a car park and as it was dusk the lighting with horrific resulting in two hours of torture in a tin can aka a crap drive home!

It was great to get home but the kids were shattered following a busy day riding The Ratty (a miniature railway local to us) and the hubby looked pretty worse for ware having spent a night with the lads painting the town red. There wasn’t much time to sit together or to catch up and after putting the kids to bed both Paul and I crashed out.

This morning was rather rushed given that we were still bleary-eyed following the weekend, the kids weren’t entirely over the moon about having to go to School but needs must and whilst E may have given us her first bout of tears whilst being dropped off by her Daddy it was apparently short-lived and thankfully she settled for her first ‘full day’ at Primary School.

Meanwhile I caught up on some much-needed rest then put myself to work around the house catching up on chores whilst Paul was out at work. It was only once I had completed the endless list of ‘things to do’ that I realised I was rather alone… just like Saturday night it was just ‘Me, myself and Mo’ (the pensioner pooch I mentioned earlier). 

I was actually excited about picking the kids up today, I was desperate to hear how their day had been and to actually see them and to spend some time with my family. Neither J or E were willing to share anything about their day with me, they had either forgotten or were just being plain ignorant, either way it was lovely to see them.

After having drinks and snacks I gave each of the kids a little treat from Blog On which they seemed rather pleased with. We then worked together on completing homeworks, had some tea around the table, I then took E for a hair cut with Anne and ferried J to his kick boxing lesson with Mike.

Until 8pm when we finally arrived home for supper and a little TV time it was ‘all action stations go’ and I was a little concerned at one point that E might actually fall asleep stood up!

Despite it being late I threw the kids into the tub as they were both pitted. I sat by the bath and gently washed each of the kids whilst chatting about their day. I’m not sure whether it’s the hot water which relaxes them or the threat or having to go to bed but suddenly they both become motor mouths willing to tell me all and sundry about their day and having missed them more than words can describe I was hanging on their every word.

Love & Laughter In The Tub

#LivingArrows - Savouring Every Moment 39/52 (2017)

Smiles And Soap Suds

#LivingArrows - Savouring Every Moment 39/52 (2017)

I wrapped each of them in clean, fresh towels then helped them get into their bed-clothes before reading them a story whilst snuggled on my bed, I inhaled their smell (which was blumming yummy as I had washed them both with ‘Good Bubble Hair and Body Wash’ which I was given as part of a goody bag whilst at Blog On) and held them close. I feel like our time together is so short these days that I literally savour every minute that I now have with them.

I’m sure that over time I will grow accustomed to a quieter life, ideally I’d like to find a job to occupy my time but until then I will take pleasure in every moment that my house is filled with laughter, with life and with love.

Thanks again for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

Living Arrows


  1. September 27, 2017 / 6:41 am

    Isn’t it funny that sometimes we crave a bit of peace but when the house is totally silent it doesn’t feel quite right. Well done on facing your anxieties and tackling the long drive there and back. Was lovely to spend some time with you x

  2. October 1, 2017 / 9:27 pm

    Oh I love bath pictures – they both look so much younger and SO cute!! I hope this has been a quieter week for you x

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