#LivingArrows Princess Perfect & The Beach Boy 27/52 (2017)

With only a fortnight to go before both School and Nursery break up for the summer holidays it seems that there is an endless string of dates for the diary all of which I have pencilled into my planner and will try my very best to attend.

There is only so much this Mother can do though and whilst I fully respect the efforts which go into my children’s education I can only wangle so much into my week. It wont be long before I’m without routine and able to go with the flow a little more but until then it’s as if I’m on fast forward riding a unicycle whilst juggling plates. Apologies in advance for any breakages but it’s likely there may be a few before the summers out!

The kids have already mentally kicked back and as far as they are concerned the holidays have arrived despite their daily ventures to and from nursery and school. I cannot blame them as many moons ago when I at school myself I too switched off at least a month prior to the end of term.

I’ve found myself running low on energy recently and despite dosing myself up with enough caffeine to stun an oversized elephant into action I have given into the slump and accepted snuggling on the sofa whilst watching Disney movies may be the way forward until I’m feeling more like myself. E hasn’t been in the slightest bit bothered by my apparent burn out and was quite happy to get her glad rags on and party like a Princess whilst I endured the freaking Frozen soundtrack for the billionth time.

Princess Perfect

#LivingArrows Princess Perfect & The Beach Boy 27/52 (2017)

Thankfully Paul seems to be far more energetic than myself and has had the kids out a fair few times whilst I’ve been busy earning peanuts for pulling pints. I may well be allergic to nuts but I cannot do without my peanuts as they pay for my online shopping addiction which in all honesty is an actual thing. Jesus its way too easy to shop online, one click of a button and the ping of a post box and you may well look stunning in your new shoes, dresses and such like but your bank balance will not thank you let me assure you.

Anyhow getting back onto topic, here’s a shot of J enjoying a walk on the beach whilst out with Paul earlier this week. He’s got a wicked smile, a wonderful sense of humour and although he may answer back far more than I fancy he’s such a beautiful boy and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Boy At The Beach

#LivingArrows Princess Perfect & The Beach Boy 27/52 (2017)

I truly couldn’t be prouder of my pair, what a pair they are though! The two of them get along so well which considering their four-year age gap is pretty amazeballs. However, there are times when I could literally bang their heads together as they also argue like cat and dog.

How on earth can you fall out over an imaginary item going missing? Seriously, an non-existent entity was the catalyst of todays fall out which when asked for support they both received the look of doom and headed back out into the garden to fall out all over again over sharing or should I say nor sharing a ball which they have almost ten of to choose from! Really?!

Anyhow, as I said they are wonderful kids for the most part and I am so very proud of them both. Come September they will both attend the same School and I’ll be footloose and fancy free drinking wine straight from the bottle whenever and wherever I so desire lost without them.

Thanks again for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

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  1. July 6, 2017 / 9:02 pm

    Your two always sound so lovely with their typical sibling ups and downs. My calendar is a nightmare too – sports day, another sports day, special assemblies… I may as well sleep at the school at the moment! x

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