#LivingArrows – Splash & Scream 26/52 (2019)

I made a conscious effort to keep things low key over the weekend. We were all pretty exhausted following what was another full on week, thus the garden was the ideal place to kick back, to relax and to have some fun in the sun.

The kids were desperate to get the paddling pool out and with the temperature soaring up to the mid-twenties, they were more than welcome to get wet and to splash around, which is precisely what they did for many hours all whilst screaming and laughing like hyenas on helium.

My Little Mermaid

#LivingArrows - Splash & Scream 26/52 (2019)

It was lovely sitting under the parasol, soaking up the sun whilst watching my daft duo running around the garden in their swimming costumes whilst shooting and squirting each other with water pistols, water bombs and of course the hose pipe.

The good old ‘ball pool balls’ came back out from the shed and were thrown into the paddling pool to add further entertainment to the kids’ water play. Mind you, a couple of hours later there were balls everywhere!

Happy Hyena

#LivingArrows - Splash & Scream 26/52 (2019)

Paul then took an empty juice bottle and drilled holes through the plastic to create an incredibly cost-efficient, simple yet effective sprinkler system. The kids were in their element running back and forth through the fountains of water which erupted from the bottle – it was rather impressive!

I’m not sure whether the neighbours appreciated all the shouting, screaming and laughter from over the fence but we had such fun – right here at home.

Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

Living Arrows



  1. July 4, 2019 / 12:28 pm

    It looks like they had a great time in the garden! x

  2. July 4, 2019 / 9:06 pm

    It looks like they had great fun! Slightly random question – do you have astroturf? We’re thinking of getting some in our garden but I’m still not sure… #LivingArrows

  3. July 6, 2019 / 6:34 pm

    Great idea for the water sprinkler it sounds like you had a great day. I can’t wait to get our paddling pool out.

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