#LivingArrows – Passing Time & Pyjama Parades 21/52 (2019)

For the first time in ages, I’ve spent the entire day in the house. There was no reason for me to leave at any point during the day and it felt great to remain confined in the comfort of my four wall fortress. The kids have been out and about with their Dad playing in the cul-de-sac on their bikes, balance boards and go-karts whilst I busied myself with housework.

I feel so much better for having spent time cleaning, tidying and organising the house. We’ve vacuumed, vaxed, mopped, polished and sorted through each and every room whilst the kids kept themselves entertained with reading, drawing, colouring and building Lego.

Our Princess Passing Time

#LivingArrows - Passing Time & Pyjama Parades 21/52 (2019)

Paul got his toolkit out and started fixing bits and pieces around the house which required attention, he then fitted a brand new curtain rail in the kitchen and suddenly things look and feel a lot better.

Having cleaned, tidied and fixed the house up, we dimmed the lights, turned on the fairy lights and curled up on the couch as a family to watch Disney’s original version of Aladdin. We are planning on viewing the latest release of this film later this week, although the kids have requested to watch ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’ prior to this.

Following the film, we sat around the table for our evening meal followed by coffee and cake. It wasn’t long before bath time, after which the kids pranced around in their pyjamas before books and bed. I love how they run around during the evening, desperate to fight sleep yet the moment their heads hit the pillow they are out like lights.

Pyjama Parade

#LivingArrows - Passing Time & Pyjama Parades 21/52 (2019)

I myself am still catching up after what feels like an endless month of mayhem, though I feel a million times better for having enjoyed a lay-in and a day at home.

Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

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  1. June 2, 2019 / 6:59 pm

    It’s so nice to have a solid chunk of time at home by yourself to get stuff done. I really crave that time after a while x

  2. June 2, 2019 / 10:08 pm

    I could do with a day at home to do the same. I always feel so much better when things are a little more organised! Loving the PJs!

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