#LivingArrows – Basset on the Beach 9/53 (2018)

As you may have read throughout past posts which I have written, our beloved basset hound Molly has been struggling somewhat with her health. Last week we found a rather sinister lump at the base of her jaw and after consulting the vet we were given a quote for surgery which quite simply wasn’t within our budget nor would be fair to such an elderly dog.

After discussing the issue at great length Paul and I made the devastating decision that Molly should be put down. The very next day however Molly surprised us all with a gift from the gods (or should I say a gift from the dogs?) as the lump had miraculously fallen off and just to be sure that it wouldn’t come back… she ate it. I know, gross right?! As the vet said “dogs have a wonderful way of recycling things”. I’m not sure whether I’d say it’s wonderful, disgusting perhaps but still it’s certainly dealt with the dilemma!

Still to be sure, we arranged a visit to the vet and after piling the pooch into the boot for what we assumed may be her final ride (and what should have been her final ride given that she decided to do her very worst whilst in the boot) we arrived to be given yet more good news as the lump and site where it had resided was clear.

Molly somehow managed to live yet another day, although I’m not entirely sure whether I was relieved or raging considering how long it took both Paul and I to clean our car boot, its contents and the damned dog. I’ve cleaned every inch of that car and have emptied almost two canisters of air freshener yet I swear I can still smell the stench of dog muck.

As you can imagine the kids are overjoyed as they adore that dog as do I when she keeps her business to herself. To celebrate Paul took both the kids and Molly along to the beach for a breath of fresh air which I think Paul was in much need of following the carnage during the car journey earlier that day.

Here is a our beautiful basset strolling along the shore with our crazy kids, I’m so pleased that she’s still with us and count each and every day as a blessing, a basset blessing if you will…

Strolls Along The Shore

#LivingArrows - Basset on the Beach 9/53 (2018)

Basset On The Beach

#LivingArrows - Basset on the Beach 9/53 (2018)

Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

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  1. March 2, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    Beautiful photos – it looks like great weather too! So glad she’s ok x

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