#LivingArrows – Ready To Rock World Book Day 9/52 (2019)

Being actively involved within Education, I was more than aware that ‘World Book Day’ was fast approaching. However, I somehow left things till last-minute thus missing the postage deadlines to purchase costumes or hats for the kids to wear. As my children have been asked to cast their costumes aside in favour for a hat, I was half hoping things would a little easier this year. Who was I kidding?!

E had it in her head that she wanted to be Mary Poppins. Could I find a suitable hat? Could I heck as like! J very kindly lent us his grey hat to cover in ribbon and flowers, which I ran around like a mad woman finding and purchasing as the local florist happened to be shut – typical!  Having carefully placed and stuck the flowers to the hat with bobby pins, I wasn’t entirely impressed with the finished result, that and I knew fine well that it wouldn’t last for two minutes, never mind a full day at school.

J on the other hand had insisted that he wanted a unique hat covered in his own drawings, comics and creative work (which he spends his spare time producing realms of) and why not? I’ll tell you why not!  Creating a one-off, unique hat by hand is HARD WORK, that’s why! It’s all very well asking the kids to help but let’s face it, that doubles the time which it’ll take to make and to put together.

J very helpfully selected the work which he wished to be featured upon his hat, he then stood still whilst I measured his head then left me to it … Two hours later, I’d managed to make a top hat of sorts covered in his comics. I then wrapped said top hat in sticky back plastic, added some red trim to complete the look and Voila – my work was done!

Comic Creation – J’s Homemade Hat

#LivingArrows - Ready To Rock World Book Day 9/52 (2019)

Thankfully J was elated with my crafty creation and I could then relax … or not ! Having two kids both of school age means double do’s. Thankfully, my Mum came to the rescue, as earlier that day whilst I’d been running around collecting finding fake flowers for E’s hat, she too had hats in mind. Mum had apparently been around the local ‘chaz shops’ (as she calls them) and had found a the perfect black hat, for our little princess.

That evening I drove to my Mum’s with the flowers and the bits and bobs which E was adamant to have upon her hat. My Mum carefully cut and stitched the flowers accordingly, she then added further glittery pom-pom’s which resembled cherries, and to complete the masterpiece she then hand-stitched ‘Miss Poppins’ along the brim in gold lettering.

Little Miss Poppins

#LivingArrows - Ready To Rock World Book Day 9/52 (2019)

The results are amazing! I couldn’t have bought any better and both J & E are over the moon with their homemade hats. We are now ready to rock ‘World Book Day’ in style!

Are your little ones planning to dress up as for the occasion? If so, which characters have they chosen? I’d love to hear from you regarding your efforts and outfits.

Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

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  1. angiemwebster77
    March 8, 2019 / 9:52 am

    Great costumes, very creative indeed. We went with simple costumes this year thankfully.

    • March 10, 2019 / 5:23 pm

      lucky you – hopefully costumes may commence next year.

  2. March 10, 2019 / 3:21 pm

    They both look fab! I think these were probably even harder than full costumes though in the effort to make them! #LivingArrows

    • March 10, 2019 / 5:20 pm

      They were definitely harder than costumes although a lot of fun.

  3. March 10, 2019 / 8:11 pm

    How awesome do they look?! Fantastic costumes!! x

  4. March 10, 2019 / 11:07 pm

    I love the comic hat and certainly a one of a kind. The Mary poppins hat is amazing though! Hats off to you and your mum ( see What I did there?)

    • March 10, 2019 / 11:55 pm

      Thanks and yes such an awesome pun line 🙂

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