#LivingArrows – Back To School Spring Shake Up 8/53 (2018)

So the kids went back to School today and whilst I fully intended to dash around the house at double speed cleaning from top to bottom following a full on half term holiday I decided that a few hours curled up with a cuppa and the soaps wouldn’t hurt anyone.

As it turns out I’ve now caught up on a weeks worth of my all time favourite Aussie soap and after having a little rest I was far more motivated when it came to transforming what was a total tip into a house to be proud of.

Despite being known for being the ‘parent with the plans’ I must have lost my shizz before half term because somehow it seems my kids also lost half their belongings. I spent almost seven days searching for jackets, hats, shorts, t-shirts and socks all of which it turns out were either strewn across the School corridor or stuffed deep within the lost property box.

I’ve now to re-pack J’s PE bag with the correctly sized t-shirt, shorts and trainers having worried myself sick that I’d somehow lost them in the house over half term. Isn’t it always just as you order replacements for lost belongings that they seem to show up? Yep… at least he will have plenty of spares for the future!

Not only had I misplaced clothing but I’d also rather naively thought that E’s writing and reading work had been kept back over half term. Although we read at home over the holidays I didn’t really push for much more as I assumed that they had kept her work back to give her a break.

I was obviously wrong as the Teacher couldn’t seem to find her books this afternoon and after a good root around I finally found both her reading and writing books stuffed in a rarely used section of her School satchel.

All this ‘stuff’ that we were meant to get done and dusted over the half term went unnoticed and as a result was incomplete upon return to School today. I felt like the World’s worst parent as I’m obviously slacking, either that or half term sent me a little too horizontal!

Thankfully we’ve spent this evening playing catch up, J has been busy writing up his Africa project meanwhile E read her book and caught up with her written work.

J Busy At Work

#LivingArrows - Back To School Spring Shake Up 8/53 (2018)

E Back To The Books#LivingArrows - Back To School Spring Shake Up 8/53 (2018)

I hate being disorganised, it’s not something which I cope well with. Sure, I can deal with a little flexibility and spontaneity from time to time but total chaos simply isn’t my scene.

I’ve cleared at least three-quarters of my ‘to do’ list this afternoon and feel far more ‘like me’ having done so. The office in which I have spent most of the day playing ‘catch up’ now looks clean and tidy (as does the entire house for that matter) much like my mind which after a blumming good shake up is back on track.

Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

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  1. February 20, 2018 / 10:01 pm

    Uh oh sounds like a hectic half term. At least now you all caught you can take it a bit easier. x #livingarrows

  2. February 22, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    It sounds like you have been just so productive and I seem to spend my life looking for lost stuff ALL THE TIME. You are not alone x

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