#LittleLoves – Loving Summer Lazing

So it’s the summer holidays and I’ve been loving summer lazing. I’m usually super-organised and on the ball when it comes to blogging. I’m well aware that I’ve been slacking somewhat on my posting schedule especially when it comes to linkies and such like.

I apologise, slap my wrists for I am a bad blogger. I hadn’t even opened my MacBook for three days until this afternoon and you know what? It felt good to do some digital detoxing!

So this week… Well what can I say? The sun was shining, the parasol was out, I topped up my tan and otherwise generally milled about brushing sand from the patio and refilling the kids drinks cups.…

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#LittleLoves – Back To Reality

Welcome back to #LittleLoves, it’s been a week since we arrived back to reality and back home after our holiday in Benidorm. It feels like forever since we were relaxing on our sun beds in the Spanish sun with our lovely friends by the poolside.

Whilst it is still  the ‘summer holidays’ it feels nothing like summer thanks to the rather dismal weather up here in Cumbria. The past seven days has been far from exciting in comparison to a super holiday the week prior to this, I am finding that the holiday blues has a lot to answer for!

You may find this weeks #LittleLoves hard to write simply because there isn’t all that much to report upon unless you count catching up on endless loads of washing as interesting.…

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#LittleLoves – The Blues, Benidorm and Big Brother Reinvented

The summer holidays have finally arrived, the kids can finally kick back, relax and who am I kidding?! They are both full of beans and raring to go, it’s now down to us parents to provide constant entertainment for the next six weeks or so, wish us luck!

So whilst parents UK wide will no doubt find the next six weeks or so frazzling to say the least, I hope you do manage to fit in some ‘#LittleLoves‘ as I find there is a lot to love about the summer, especially as we get the chance to finally spend time together as family.…

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#LittleLoves – Those Proud Mummy Moments

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LittleLoves, it is soooo almost the summer holidays and we are all on ‘wind down’ to prepare for some quality family time without the daily school regime and random after school clubs. I am looking forward to the free time together without commitments to kick back, relax and just be a family.

I would hazard a guess that this weeks #LittleLoves aren’t anything particularly inspiring or even interesting but for me they are moments that have raised a smile and made my heart swell over the past seven days or so.


I recently completed reading  ‘A Year In The Life Of  A Playground Mother‘, a light-hearted, laugh per minute read which I thoroughly enjoyed.…

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#LittleLoves – Spring Showers, Science And Singing

Welcome to this weeks #LittleLoves, I for one am certainly glad that it’s the weekend although whilst most people tend to kick back and relax for two days I seem to do the complete opposite. Still, I enjoy having Paul home and being able to spend some time as a family together before the next week dawns upon us.

I don’t feel that my offerings for this weeks #LittleLoves post are hugely inspiring but here goes…


Sadly this week I haven’t really read an awful lot, I am still trying to complete a few books which I currently have on the go.…

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