#LittleLoves – Majorca Madness

The sun is now shining and we’ve finally been able to enjoy the heat whilst lazing on the loungers, splashing in the pool and scoffing ice creams by the bucket load.

The kids seem to be loving every minute of the madness here in Majorca meanwhile I’ve had a little head space and time to relax away from the daily grind which believe me was much-needed! Anyhow less holiday waffle and onto this weeks #LittleLoves…


I haven’t read a great deal in all honesty, I keep dipping in and out of my Kindle app but moments later lose interest as I’m finding reading much of anything fairly arduous thanks to my eyes once again reacting with the sun tan lotion leaving me half blind yet again. Whatever the hell it is that I’m allergic to I need to get sorted pronto as I cannot bare another year of watery, red eyes.
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness
I’m currently part way into Mike Gayles ‘My Legendary Girlfriend’ which seems like an easy, amusing read for the holiday.


I’ve spent most of my time watching the kids have fun in and out of the pool. They’ve managed to acquire a fair amount of inflatables along with a few water guns/shooters all of which make for good fun, having to carry said toys up and down nine floors each and everyday has however become a little tiresome though. The things we do for our kids huh?!
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness


Prior to flying abroad I spent a fair amount of time ripping and uploading masses of Music to my rather swish new IPhone. With thanks to my new mini Betron Bluetooth speaker I’ve had the pleasure of listening to endless summer tracks whilst soaking in the tub, getting ready in the room or lazing on the sun loungers.
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness

Ive made good use of my No Limits nineties album which Paul gave to me for my birthday last year featuring tracks such as Opus III – It’s A Fine Day, Tall Paul- Rock Da House and Gat Decors ‘Passion’.
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness


Being in holiday mode can prove dangerous at times such as a few nights ago when I randomly decided to take the bull by the horns making a tit of myself quite literally as I rode a Rodeo Bull with bare legs and a rather flimsy, low cut summer dress which left little to the imagination.
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness
The guy behind the buttons apparently high fived my husband and thanked him for the entertainment, Paul wasn’t entirely sure how to respond so kept it to himself until hours later once we were far, far away from said pervert.


Other than the flimsy, summer dresses I’ve spent the majority of this week wearing one of four swim suits paired with a sarrong and flip flops along with my stylish, all-inclusive wrist band of course! Which Brit wouldn’t want one of those babies around their arm?!
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness

And Lastly

After a lengthy walk into town the kids and I were hot, sweaty and shattered. The last thing we fancied was a long walk back so Paul flagged down a taxi with four legs… a horse and cart which we all thoroughly enjoyed. E spent the entire journey smiling like the Cheshire Cat whilst shouting “Yee Hah” like some crazed cow girl, it was certainly a memory to treasure.
#LittleLoves - Majorca Madness

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed this weeks #LittleLoves. If you fancy sharing some of your own #LittleLoves then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what your #LittleLoves might be.



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