#LittleLoves – June 2020

Where on earth is the time going to of late?  It’s the last Friday of June already and here we are once again reflecting upon some of the brighter moments from the month gone by.


I’ve spent the past month with my nose firmly wedged between the cover of many books and as mentioned last month – I downloaded some sample copies (the first few chapters) of Melissa Cynova’s ‘Kitchen Table Tarot’, Michelle Tea’s ‘Modern Tarot’ and Bakara Wintner’s ‘WTF Is Tarot & How Do I Do It?’, all of which I’ve since purchased and have read from cover to cover.

This month I also picked up and started reading Rachel Pollack’s ‘Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom’ and I’ve literally just ordered Tori Amos’s latest book ‘Resistance’ which I can’t wait to start reading!

#LittleLoves - June 2020  #LittleLoves - June 2020

Having finished watching the final few episodes of Eastenders (sob!) I am now left with very little to watch in terms of general television thus have enjoyed watching a few films including ‘I Give It A Year‘ and ‘The Invention Of Lying‘ featuring Ricky Gervais who I recently became a fan of following watching ‘Afterlife’ on Netflix.

#LittleLoves - June 2020 #LittleLoves - June 2020

Given that festivals are a ‘no-go’ this year, Paul and I have enjoyed watching the virtual version of ‘what was’ prior to the lockdown. I really enjoyed listening to the highlights from Download Festival including some of the sets that we watched back in the day (when we were young, hip, cool, and our backs were strong enough to cope with camping). We have also watched a few sets from past Glastonbury shows so our weekends have been much-like virtual festivals if you will.

#LittleLoves - June 2020

#LittleLoves - June 2020


Baking has been a weekly feature of our ‘homeschool timetable’ and as a result, we’ve made cakes, cookies, biscuits, and the most terrifically tasty chocolate brownies that I have ever eaten.

I’ve had the sewing machine out this month (after being inspired by Ann Forte’s incredible Orsetti Crafts tarot pouches) and though my efforts aren’t quite as good as Ann’s, I’m pretty proud of my new pouches.

#LittleLoves - June 2020


With the ever-changing weather, I have spent the majority of June with an ever-changing wardrobe! I’m never quite sure whether to go with wearing sneakers or sandals nor can I gauge whether to jump into a pair of jeans or stick to wearing shorts… I have however worn the odd dress or two, though I’m not particularly comfortable with getting my legs out, it seemed the sensible option in the thirty-degree heat!

#LittleLoves - June 2020

And Lastly

What a rollercoaster June has been – one moment it’s all doom and gloom and the next, we’re popping open the champagne. Life is never simple nor dull for that matter – after appealing (and failing said appeal) for J’s desired school place we were delivered some delightful news this week – J will indeed be attending the secondary school of his choice. 

To say I am over the moon is an understatement and to add to this, I too have some news of my own as come September, I too will be starting a new role somewhere new. It’s all very exciting and whilst I won’t be discussing work on my blog as it’s just not the done thing – I will tell you that I’m incredibly excited and I am feeling far more hopeful in regards to the future.

#LittleLoves - June 2020

I hope that you and your loved ones are all healthy, happy, and are staying safe. 

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed this month’s #LittleLoves. If you fancy sharing some of your own #LittleLoves, then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what your #LittleLoves might be.




  1. sincerelyannam
    June 29, 2020 / 8:19 am

    Amazing news about the school! I’ve now accepted a school after three different offers! So stressful but now I feel pretty content in where G is going! Congratulations on the new job also sounds wonderful!! Thanks for linking up this month! Have a wonderful July and look forward to catching up with all your little loves at the end of the month 🙂 x

    • July 1, 2020 / 9:46 am

      Three offers?! Wow! So glad G is now sorted 🙂

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