#LittleLoves – Daring Pigtails, Dancing Builders & Despacito

Excuse the lack of posts over the past few days, apologies and all that but I’ve been preoccupied by life so it seems and whilst I love blogging there are some things which take priority over posting which has been the case recently. Getting back on track here are a few of my #LittleLoves for past week or so…


I hate to sound ignorant but I’ve actually started ignoring the news updates which flash across my phone as I literally cannot bear to read further heartbreak.#LittleLoves - Daring Pigtails, Dancing Builders & Despacito

I have found myself browsing blogs and reading several ‘feel good’ posts such as ‘summer bucket lists’ which I have also taken the time to write myself.




Whilst flicking through Facebook I came across a rather endearing video of a forty-fifty something year old builder bopping along whilst on the job. This video went viral some time ago but as usual I am slow on the uptake.


Never mind how old the video is or the builder in question for that matter I was well impressed by his serious snake hips and master moves. I blumming love dancing and any man who can tango like Tony gets a thumbs up from me!



Following watching the video gone viral of Tony cutting some shapes whilst grafting I found myself seeking further entertainment of such nature. I very quickly came across Tony only topless this time cooking for his wife in what looks to be a rather swish and swanky kitchen whilst getting his groove on to Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ (feat Daddy Yankee).


It’s a really catchy track despite being ever so slightly ‘Euro Trash’, having downloaded a copy I too have found myself shaking it in the kitchen latino style!



Other than a few tray bakes, meals and a batch of fresh play dough I’ve made very little this week. I have however managed to get hold of some printer ink and am now able to print out a fair chunk of J’s homework ready for his deadline date.

#LittleLoves - Daring Pigtails, Dancing Builders & DespacitoI am yet to get hold of a scrap-book or display paper to mount said photos upon but at least were making progress.



Every now and then I get the urge to restyle my hair whether that’s by going for a cut or simply changing how I choose to manage my mop. This week I’ve dared to wear pigtails for a cheeky and cheerful change.

#LittleLoves - Daring Pigtails, Dancing Builders & Despacito


And Lastly

I was fully expecting to have put on a few pounds over the past week or so given that I’ve suffered with a ‘see food diet’. Having dared to stand on the scales I soon found that my suspicions were incorrect as somehow or other I’ve continued to shed weight despite having eaten like a horse! God knows how I’ve managed it but I’m certainly not complaining that’s for sure!

#LittleLoves - Daring Pigtails, Dancing Builders & Despacito

For almost three years now I’ve been hoping to lose weight, 2.5 stone of weight to be precise. Over the past three months I’ve managed to lose 1.5 stone with only a few dietary adjustments and minimal effort. I now have another stone to shift and I’ll be at my target weight!

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed this weeks #LittleLoves. If you fancy sharing some of your own #LittleLoves then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what your #LittleLoves might be.




  1. June 18, 2017 / 4:47 pm

    Well done on the weight loss, especially when you felt you were not going to lose. It’s a funny old game losing weight isn’t it. I think the pigtails really suit you #littleloves x

  2. June 18, 2017 / 8:42 pm

    I must admit to loving despacito too-it just gets me moving! Heading over to your summer bucket list now for some inspiration. its our last summer hols before LB starts school so i feel like we need to cram in so much x

  3. June 22, 2017 / 9:37 am

    A summer bucket list is such a good idea. I’ll have to do one with my girls, though who knows what they’ll come up with!
    Well done on the weight loss xx

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