#LittleLoves – Christmas, Carols, Christingle & Coffee Tables

The past week has been an absolute blast! We have had an amazing Christmas with family and friends, the kids were spoilt rotten with gifts galore and we’ve spent quality time together stuffing our faces with festive food, enjoying the seasonal shows and kicking back for Christmas.

Both Paul and the kids struggled earlier in the week with coughs and colds but otherwise we’ve managed to steer clear of the sickness bugs and such-like which were apparently doing the rounds. Thankfully we made it through Christmas before disaster struck as I came down with a nasty chest infection before taking a tumble down the stairs where I injured my elbow rendering me strapped up and sofa bound.

Given that I am currently dosed up with paracetamol and positioned in a place of comfort I decided to make use of the time by writing down a few of my #LittleLoves from the past seven days.



It wasn’t just the kids that were spoilt rotten this Christmas as my bestie Denise lavished me with a range of girly gifts including this side-splitting hilarious Ladybird book ‘How it works – The Mum‘. Ever since unwrapping this book I’ve found myself flicking through pages unable to hold myself from falling into fits of laughter as this book documents the hilarious truths surrounding Motherhood.

#LittleLoves - Christmas, Carols, Christingle & Coffee Tables



It was with great pleasure that I took our little ones along to the local Christingle service where they were each given the traditional orange, candle and sweets to carry along the aisle before singing along to a range of Christmas carols. E sung her heart out to ‘Away in a Manger’ as she stood in a circle around the church as she very carefully held her Christingle orange, her face aglow from the candlelight. It was the perfect Christmas Eve afternoon activity to share with the kids and my Mother-in-law and one which I hope to repeat next year.

#LittleLoves - Christmas, Carols, Christingle & Coffee Tables



I clearly remember the excitement and wonder of being a child at Christmas. It’s nothing in comparison to the excitement and wonder of watching your own children as they open their presents on Christmas day. The kids had an amazing Christmas and seemed to have never-ending amounts of presents to open all of which they seemed grateful for and really enjoyed receiving.

#LittleLoves - Christmas, Carols, Christingle & Coffee Tables



Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without our traditional ‘Squidgy Chocolate Log’. A much-loved family favourite, this recipe from Delia Smith is something which I throw together each and every Christmas.

#LittleLoves - Christmas, Carols, Christingle & Coffee Tables



Tis the season to be jolly and prance around in the pyjamas! That seems to be the case in this household anyhow as both the children and us adults have spent the majority of time lazing around in our PJ’s until early afternoon when we finally muster the energy to put actual clothing on. Alongside Pyjamas I’ve also rather enjoyed wearing my new Dunlop, fluffy, slipper boots which are super comfy and seriously warm to wear.

#LittleLoves - Christmas, Carols, Christingle & Coffee Tables


And Lastly

Following a fantastic week of festive fun Paul and I headed up north to collect a rather swish Dakota furniture set for the living room. We have now upgraded the children’s kitchen for a matching mango wooden coffee table, sideboard and nest of tables all of which seem to fit the room perfectly.

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed this weeks #LittleLoves. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts throughout the past twelve months, I hope that you and your family had a fantastic Christmas and enjoy a fabulous New Year!

If you fancy sharing some of your own #LittleLoves then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what your #LittleLoves might be.




  1. December 30, 2017 / 9:17 pm

    It’s the wrong time of night to be looking at photos of cake!- Your chocolate log looks delicious. I love your furniture- it’s so good when the children’s toys start to move out of the living space! I’m glad illness didn’t beat your Christmas and hope you see 2018 in with good health.

  2. December 30, 2017 / 9:57 pm

    We missed the Christingle service this year, which is quite sad as it is something that really gets you ready for the big day. We did manage the local Christmas carols concert in the church so that was beautiful

  3. January 4, 2018 / 10:27 am

    It sounds like you’ve had a lovely Christmas.
    Your new living room furniture looks great and really suits the space x

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