Linkies That I Love

As you may or may not be aware I am an avid fan of partaking in linkies and blog hops some of which run weekly whilst others are on a monthly basis. I decided to put a list of my favourite linkies together should you be interested or fancying joining in yourself.


Living Arrows

#Living Arrows (Monday) – This wonderful linky is hosted by Donna from ‘What The Redhead Said‘ is one of my favourite linkies and one which I have taken part in without fail every week for well over a year now.

Each week bloggers are able to share snaps of their little ones celebrating childhood “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. As a result of joining this linky I have been able to keep a photographic record of my children as they grow.

Linkies That I Love
Little Loves

Little Loves (Friday) is hosted by Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. Each week bloggers can participate by listing six of the things that they have loved throughout the week under the headings Read, Watched, Heard, Wore, Made, And Lastly…

I really enjoy taking part in this linky as it forces me to reflect upon the past seven days and to find the positives from the week.

Linkies That I Love




My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo (Sunday) is hosted by Photalife, a very skilled and talented photographer. Each week bloggers share a snapshot of almost anything they fancy from their Sunday. Having seen the stunning shots shared on this linky I personally have found myself working a little harder upon my own photography.

I usually tend to select nature based shots to share each week, this linky has given me the push I needed to get the camera out and to really consider what ‘makes a photo’ rather than takes a good photo.

Linkies That I Love


Liked And Loved

The wonderful Stevie from A Cornish Mum hosts her ‘Liked and Loved‘ linky on the 25th of each month. This linky is about anything or everything that may have liked or loved throughout the month, anything goes really!

Linkies That I Love

Past Linkies & Blog Hops
Blogging Behind The Scenes

Blogging Behind The Scenes (Wednesday) was a fourteen part blogging based series hosted by myself focusing upon the more technical aspects of blogging. Each week I focus upon a particular topic asking a range of other bloggers to comment and share their thoughts upon said topics in the hope that my posts may be of help to other bloggers.

Linkies That I Love


 Tuesday Treasures

I originally started the Tuesday Treasures blog linky on my lonesome but after some time I added Angela from ‘Adventures In Websterland‘ to the team and we co-hosted the Tuesday Treasures blog linky. Each week bloggers were able to add up to two posts of any topic to share, we then chose two winning posts which we promoted and shared throughout the week.

Whilst Tuesday Treasures is no longer running I am considering relaunching our ‘blogging boat’ and once again setting sail in the near future.

Linkies That I Love

The Daily Positives Project

Hosted by myself I originally ran ‘The Daily Positives‘ project following being inspired to begin a daily positives post after watching one of Natasha Bailies amazing Vlogs, this particular video starred Natasha’s ‘Badass life coach‘ Mary Meadows.

I began the Daily Positives Project which I ran for one week in total, a lot of my readers seemed to enjoy reading my daily posts looking at the lighter side of life but I’ll be honest it wasn’t always easy to carry out and whilst I might re-run this series at some point I will leave it in the past for now.

Linkies That I Love


Fess Up Friday

Fess Up Friday was a blogging series hosted by myself featuring funny, real life stories from a range of family, friends and other bloggers. Initially this ran each and every Friday but given that people didn’t seem to enjoy sharing their embarrassing tales I have no idea why?! I brought this series to a close earlier last year.

Linkies That I Love