Things I Have Liked And Loved In September 2017

It’s officially the last day of September and once again time for me to write-up the things that I have ‘Liked and Loved’ throughout the past month.

It’s been a busy month for many reasons, I for one feel as if I’ve barely had time to breathe there’s been that much going on, here’s hoping October is a little less ‘chaotic’ but given the amount of bookings that we have for various gigs, parties and such-like that is highly doubtful!

So without further ado, here are a few of the things that I have ‘Liked and Loved‘ throughout September 2017.

Our Little Lady Started School

Earlier this month our little lady joined her big brother and headed onwards and upwards to Primary School.…

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Things I Have Liked and Loved In August 2017

So far this year, August had been one of the busiest months that we’ve had as a family but also one of my favourite months given that it’s been the summer holidays enabling us to actually spend the time together.

It’s officially the last day of August and once again that time of the month when I reflect upon the things which I have ‘Liked and Loved‘. So here goes!

Our Holiday To Majorca

We spent eight days as a family in Alcudia, Majorca earlier in August. Whilst the hotel was questionable, the holiday itself was fantastic and we made many memories together as a family having fun in the sun.…

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Things I Have Liked And Loved In July 2017

Can you believe July is done and dusted? Another month has flown by in the blink of an eye and I don’t really feel as if we’ve done a great deal in all honesty, I have however found a few things that I have ‘Liked and Loved‘ which I have chosen to share.


With the summer holidays having arrived Paul and I have finally had the time to take the kids swimming, something which we all equally enjoy. We recently swapped E’s beloved arm bands for a Konfidence Swim Vest and since doing so we’ve found that her swimming has improved no end.…

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Things I Have Liked and Loved In June 2017

Another month has gone by like the blink of an eye and as always I am going to take a moment to reflect upon the past thirty days and to highlight some of the many things that I have ‘Liked and Loved’ during June.


Sports Day

It’s the almost the end of yet another school year and as the summer holidays draw ever closer there is once again a sudden surge of activities which the kids are to take part in from trips, residential visits and days out to sports days and presentation afternoons.

It’s all go just as the children were the other week on the sports field.…

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Things I Have Liked And Loved In May 2017

Where the hell did May go? This year seems to be flying by and I can barely keep track of the weeks never mind the days!

Summer has finally arrived and we seem to be getting far more done during the day thanks to the slightly improved weather and of course the extended hours of light. Although saying that we often find that the kids are heading towards Bedfordshire far later than usual as we barely notice it getting late until it’s a little too late…

Anyhow here’s a few things of the many things that I have Liked and Loved during the month of May.…

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