Things that I have Liked and Loved in March 2020

I feel almost guilty for writing a ‘positive post’ as the past three months or so have been pure hell, yet here I am trying to look on the bright side – it doesn’t seem nor feel right considering current circumstances (by which I am not referring to the pandemic nor the lockdown). I, however, feel that I owe it to my kids to wear a brave face and for that reason alone, I will continue to blog upon the brighter aspects of what is an incredibly dark time.

So without further ado, here are a few of the things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout March…

Kitchen Blinds

Having repainted our dining room and kitchen with a beautiful shade of sage green, I could no longer cope with the straggly, stained roller blinds – they weren’t fit for purpose nevermind presentation!…

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Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

I’ll be honest, I don’t really feel much like celebrating the ‘highs from February’, it’s been a terrible month and not one which I ever wish to repeat. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a shot and try to list a few of the things which I have  #LikedandLoved throughout the past 29 days.

Celebrating Valentines Day & Fifteen Years Together

Paul and I have now been together for fifteen years in total, it doesn’t actually feel that long but then time seems to fly by once you are an adult. We didn’t go out or celebrate the occasion as we would usually do, things here are a bit hectic so we were quite happy to sit on the sofa with the television sharing a few sweet treats.…

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Things that I have #LikedandLoved in January 2020

Jee Wizz January has felt like it has gone on forever! The dark, dank winter days seem to have dragged, I’m not a fan of the cold nor January, to be honest.

On a positive note, here are a few of the things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout the past thirty-one, long, dull days.

New Year

As always we brought in the new year at home and for the first time this year our son stayed up to share the celebrations with us. I rather enjoyed watching the fireworks from London with the little man in tow, though I’m not sure that he was all that keen on joining us in dancing to Auld Langs Syne.…

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Things that I have #LikedandLoved in December 2019

So here we are at the end of another month and of another year. I am forever saying that ‘time flies’ but it truly does or at least it seems to once you have children. With it being Christmas there has been endless family festive fun, here are a few of the things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout December.


I’ve always enjoyed a good countdown, whether it’s counting down the months, weeks, days or even hours to a particular event, Christmas is no different. As a kid, I remember having an advent calendar, it may not have contained chocolate but still, I enjoyed opening the numbered doors each morning before setting off to school.…

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Things that I have #LikedandLoved in November 2019

Here we are at the end of November already, with Christmas just around the corner it’s certainly a busy time of the year and there’s been plenty going on especially so over the past month. Here’s a few of the many things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout November.

Bonfire Night

I am a huge fan of fireworks, they may be explosive and somewhat dangerous but they are just so magical! As always, my family and I went to two firework displays within the first week of November, both of which were great fun.

Freya Ridings

Having listened to Freya Riding’s live album on Alexa I couldn’t wait to get my hands on tickets to see her live for myself.…

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