Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

And just like that we have arrived at the end of November! With just one month of 2017 left to go I’ve started considering what might be in store for 2018…a new year, a new start and all of that. It won’t be long before I sit down to write my list of ‘new years resolutions’ but for now I will reflect upon what has been November by documenting all the things that I have Liked and Loved throughout the month.


Bonfire Night

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

We began the month with a bang by joining our friends and family at the local Fireworks display. Both J and E had great fun watching the fireworks and staying warm by the fire, we then went indoors to enjoy hot snacks and drinks before heading home to warm up.


Mission Mo Mo

Our beloved basset Molly was given some rather devastating news a couple of months back and since we have been on a mission to give her the best quality of life for her final days. To be honest we didn’t expect for her to be with us by now but as I type this post she is curled up at my feet and despite a drastic diagnosis she seems to be making improvements each and every day.

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017



Getting Ready For Christmas

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

With Christmas just around the corner the children and I have made our lists for Santa, written two sets of Christmas cards (for each of the kids classes at School) and whilst I am yet to write my cards I have just about sorted the seasonal shopping and am feeling pretty prepared for the big day.


Family Films

The temperature has plummeted making ‘films by the fire’ the ideal activity for rest and relaxation. Although Paul usually makes us wait until December before he allows the festive films to play the kids and I somehow managed to twist his arm into letting us watch ‘Home Alone’ earlier this month. Kevin McAlister has a spooky resemblance to J and whilst we would never dream of leaving our son home alone, should he ever find himself in a similar situation I’m certain that this film will have given him plenty of inspiration to act independently and to stay safe.

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

I love cuddling up with the kids to watch festive films, it may only be November but it feels like winter and for that reason I plan on the Polar Express stopping by shortly!


Apple & Spice and All Things Nice

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

Years back as a student I found myself rather hooked upon the Glade ‘Apple & Spice’ candles, they were a festive treat to enjoy whilst away from home. Yankee then became popular and I followed the crowds spending far too many pennies upon what essentially is ‘just a candle’. A few weeks ago I discovered that Glade were selling reduced price Apple & Spice candles in our local Tesco and having burnt through my entire Yankee collection I decided to pick a few of these beauties up to burn throughout winter.

These candles smell delicious, they also make me think back to those homesick days back in my halls of residence. Thankfully these days I have a house in the countryside full of happy children running around to keep me company and no longer need to concern myself with city life or University assignments for that matter.


Winter Warmers

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

Earlier this month I treated myself to a selection of socks and a pair of winter boots to wear at work. I’m fed up with having cold feet and although these boots may not be ‘Uggs’ they were a damn site cheaper and certainly seem to do the job whilst I’m busy behind the bar.


Kitting Out The Kids

A week or so ago I decided to ‘gut’ the kids wardrobes removing any items which were no longer within their age range, that they no longer wore or that they simply didn’t fit. I found myself with piles of clothes all of which I sorted into bags for charity, friends and family to make use of.

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

It felt great to have a sort out but following my fashion frenzy I found that both J & E were in much-need of new clothes. I have since kitted out our kids with brand new clothes all of which I’ve managed to acquire for a bargain price and the kids seem to love wearing.


Handling Homework

Having spent time chatting with J & E’s Teachers I realised that Paul and I need to put in a little more effort and time with the kids Homework. We have since introduced J to a diary which he is now writing on a daily basis and surprisingly seems to enjoy doing.

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

E on the other hand has made a start on her reading and together the pair of them have come on leaps and bounds this month which I am incredibly proud of and will continue to encourage.


Baking & Making

Winter is upon us and as such I’ve found myself baking and making a range of festive treats which family, friends I have since enjoyed eating. Theres nothing quite like my Mums ‘wholemeal flour’ baked mince pies, I far prefer savoury to sweet treats and am so glad that I am able to replicate some of my family favourites in the kitchen.

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

I will no doubt be busy baking many more treats and tarts over the Christmas period all of which I am sure both J & E will happily muck in with making.


Ladies That Lunch

Things I have Liked and Loved in November 2017

Earlier this month my good friend Viv turned twenty-one again and to celebrate her birthday Vicky and I took her out for lunch at the local Bistro Beach Cafe. We had a wonderful selection of savoury and sweet treats all of which we washed down with a couple of drinks for good measure. It was lovely to have a catch up as friends, I am hoping that we can do this again shortly and become the ‘ladies that lunch‘ time to time in the future.

Now that November is over, Autumn has officially come to an end. Although Autumn is my favourite season of the year I am looking forward to Winter this year. I have a sneaky suspicion that we may well see some of the ‘white stuff’ soon with a little luck, if so it will be E’s first time seeing snow as it’s been THAT LONG since we’ve had decent coverage that in her four years of life she has not yet seen snow!

I have my fingers and toes crossed for the kids as we have two sledges hanging in the garage ready to rock and roll should we be blessed with some winter weather.

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed reading what I #LikedAndLoved in November.

If you fancy sharing some of your own #LikedAndLoved points from the month then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what you #LikedAndLoved this month!

A Cornish Mum



  1. December 3, 2017 / 9:22 pm

    Christmas films are the best! I always have to watch Love Actually, It’s A Wonderful Life and Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas. Now Jenson has a longer attention span I’m hoping he’ll enjoy a few with me this year.

  2. December 3, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    There’s been lots of wonderful activities in your life. I especially love snuggling up and watching a Christmas movie. My favourite film is Holiday. #LikedAndLoved

  3. December 19, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    Ha I was watching Home Alone in November too and you’re definitely right there’s nothing better than snuggling up with festive films 🙂 Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved again, have a fab Christmas!

    Stevie x

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