Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

I don’t always find it easy writing lists of the things that I have ‘liked and loved’ throughout the month, especially so during 2020. This year has brought so much sorrow and upset, it’s often difficult to dredge through the despair to find the light within the dark.

However, this month I have made a concerted effort (not only for the kids but also for myself) to smile and to celebrate the magic moments where and when possible – Here are a few of the moments which I have ‘liked and loved’ throughout the month of May.

Js 11th Birthday

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

Despite being stuck living in ‘lockdown limbo’ J had one of the best birthdays yet. He began his day by opening the piles of presents and cards that he’d be spoilt rotten with, he then blew out the candles on his delicious Delia Smith birthday log.

We were blessed with glorious sunshine so setup the garden up with a paddling pool, J’s brand new basketball hoop, and plenty of fun and games for the kids to partake within. After several ‘socially distanced driveway drop by visits’, we then relaxed with a family film before enjoying fireworks in the garden. All in all, it was an awesome day!

Sunshine Days

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

For the past week or more we’ve had wonderful weather and with it being half-term we’ve been enjoying what we’ve termed ‘a holiday from home’. The kids have spent most days floating around the paddling pool laid on various inflatable toys whilst Paul and I have plonked ourselves under the parasol to keep watch. 

It’s a whole heap cheaper than our usual ‘all-inclusive’ week away in the summer – the food is actually far better in comparison though the bar service is debatable…

Turning To The Television

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

Like most of the World living in lockdown, we’ve entertained ourselves each evening with a fair amount of television. Never before have I streamed so many shows nor used so many subscription services. However, I have rather enjoyed sitting down with the husband and the hound soaking up various series and shows.

Returning To Reading

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

Though I’ve been intending to ‘get back to the books‘ for some time, I’ve never actually found the time until now. I have just finished reading ‘The Bad Mother’s Virus’ which is a recent release from Suzy K Quinn. This book is a humorous story based upon a parent’s viewpoint during the present pandemic and it had me so hooked that it took me less than twenty-four hours from cover to cover!

Happy Homeschooling

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

We’ve spent the past three months combining the resources sent to us by J & E’s school and our own ideas to provide some ‘happy homeschooling‘ for the kids. Whilst learning in lockdown has been challenging at times, Paul and I are incredibly proud of the progress and effort which our kids have put in. 

Making & Baking

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

Baking has always been a big part of our household, the kids love nothing more than to get their hands in a mixing bowl and to make sweet treats. Though we keep a close eye, the kids are more than able to follow a recipe and to get on with making biscuits, cakes or whatever snacks they (or we) should fancy. We’ve made all sorts of savoury and sweet snacks over the past month, including my all-time-favourite fruity buns!

Card Collecting

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

Since relighting my passion for reading the tarot, I’ve somehow managed to collect twenty-odd decks of divination cards (tarot, oracle, and Lenormand). During the lockdown, deck collecting has become somewhat of an addictive habit that has offered some form of online-retail-therapy if you will. 

I do however love each and every one of my divination decks and though there are still two yet to arrive, I will cut back on the card craze from now on.

VE Day

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

To celebrate seventy-five years since Victory in Europe (VE) Day, the children made beautiful bunting which we hung from the front of the house. They then put together a picnic which we enjoyed eating outside whilst listening to some music from the era.

The Lighthouse Award

Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

As I said above, our kids have been working really hard at home and their efforts have paid off as E brought home the Lighthouse award last month and this month it was J’s turn! He created his very own virtual Minecraft lighthouse to celebrate his success.


Things that I have liked and loved in May 2020

As you may (or may not be aware) earlier this year my Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness which he’s bravely and brutally battling against. We are devastated with Dad’s diagnosis but he’s showing such incredible strength and we are making the most of every moment that we have together. 

I will treasure every snapshot, every moment and every minute that I have with my Dad – thus family photos such as this snap taken on J’s birthday are so incredibly important to me right now.

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed reading what I #LikedAndLoved throughout May and are staying safe, happy, and healthy.

If you fancy sharing some of your own #LikedAndLoved points from the month then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what you #LikedAndLoved this month!



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