Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

I swear as we get closer to the summer, each month just gets more and more manic! June has been crazy busy but filled with plenty of family fun, here are just a few of the many things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout the past month.

Watch out!

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

Following a few random fainting episodes, my husband very kindly purchased a smartwatch for me to wear which monitors my heart rate, blood pressure and all that kind of malarky. It’s actually really useful, rather pretty and with the added extra that I can now see messages as they arrive, I’m a smartwatch girl!

Beautiful Bathroom Blinds

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

I’m not sure why we’ve left it so long before buying blinds for our bathrooms, either way, we’ve needed blinds for quite some time. Earlier this month I bit the bullet and ordered two sets of wooden, ribboned blinds which have since been fitted and look pretty awesome in my opinion. It’s quite nice having a little privacy and even better, I’m now able to close the blinds during the summer nights and enjoy a bath without being blinded by the sunlight.

Sports Day

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

My children aren’t hugely sporty souls but they give it their all each year at their annual sports day. This year J took part in the bouncy hopper and skipping race whilst E was involved in the relay race, a dress-up race and a running race all of which she did with a smile plastered across her face.

It was such a lovely day on the field, the sun was shining and the kids and the adults were all in good spirits.

The Fun Run

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

Each year the children take part in a ‘fun run’ through the sand dunes. It was so lovely watching J stepping up to run alongside those that wished to go at a faster pace, whilst E kept me company on my jog (or should I say power walk) through the dunes. I’m not built for speed but it was wonderful watching on as my little ones gave it their all.

Reinventing the Wheel
Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

Earlier this month I noticed some scratches and discolouring on the wheel of our new Mini. Given that I adore this car almost as if it were my child and that it was still within its warranty I thought it was worth asking whether this issue could be rectified. Low and behold the Mini garage was more than happy to fix the problem and after ordering spare parts from Germany, I now have a brand new shiny wheel to spin!

Red Or Dead

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

I’d planned on dying my hair, having my nails done and getting myself spruced up for an occasion earlier this month. However, plans changed at the last minute though a little too late, as I’d already gone ahead and had my hair cut, coloured and styled. I quite like the colour though it’s not quite as bright following a few washes, it’s something different and I like different.

The Gala

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

What was meant to be a rainy Saturday turned out to be a glorious sunshine-filled weekend. We made the most of the good weather by getting out with the kids to the local gala where they spent their pennies on having fun, playing games and buying books, toys and sweets to take home.

Another Fine Fest

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

There’s nothing quite like an unplanned, unexpected night out. Should you take the time to plan and prepare for a night out it’s never quite as good as those spontaneous, random outings such as our evening out to ‘Another Fine Fest’. I’ve never seen Ulverston so busy, there were countless DJs, musicians, comedians and entertainers spread around the town. Every bar, restaurant and venue was filled to the rafters and the streets were packed with people dancing and singing, it was the most incredible atmosphere and I cannot wait to do it all over again next year.

Good News!
Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

Having spent three or four years going back and forth to the hospital for random operations and treatments, I received the most wonderful letter this weekend – I no longer require any further treatment and my results are all clear! Ladies, if you’re reading this then just remember – that ‘annual ladies test’ isn’t all that embarrassing nor that uncomfortable – it saves lives!

Garden Gazing

Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

With our greenhouse having gone for a trip to the tip, our garden now looks far better. Paul came home this afternoon with large tubs of grey paint ready to touch up the fences, the shed and eventually the picnic table. I’m loving being able to step out of the french doors onto the decking and being able to sit in the quiet with a coffee in what is becoming a beautiful garden/ play space.

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed reading what I #LikedAndLoved in June.

If you fancy sharing some of your own #LikedAndLoved points from the month then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what you #LikedAndLoved this month!



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