Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

I’ll be honest, I don’t really feel much like celebrating the ‘highs from February’, it’s been a terrible month and not one which I ever wish to repeat. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a shot and try to list a few of the things which I have  #LikedandLoved throughout the past 29 days.

Celebrating Valentines Day & Fifteen Years Together

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

Paul and I have now been together for fifteen years in total, it doesn’t actually feel that long but then time seems to fly by once you are an adult. We didn’t go out or celebrate the occasion as we would usually do, things here are a bit hectic so we were quite happy to sit on the sofa with the television sharing a few sweet treats.

Digital Design With My New Wacom and Affinity Designer

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

I’ve always been into graphic design, it’s something that I really enjoyed from an early age and should have pursued as a career… but didn’t.

Paul, bless him, knows fine well how much I enjoy drawing and working with graphics. With everything being quite ‘up in the air’ at present he decided to get me a brand new ‘Wacom Drawing Tablet’ not only to mark our anniversary but also to cheer me up, to give me something to do and to give me something else to think about – a digital distraction from life if you will!

Having had a play and a practice at using my Wacom drawing tablet, along with my newly purchased copy of ‘Affinity Designer’ I’ve since updated my blog logo and am really pleased with the results.

Little Books of Happiness

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

Having enjoyed reading through ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ a few months back, I decided to order further books within the same series and have since received and started reading ‘The Little Book of Lykke’ and ‘Lagom’. I’m rather enjoying reading all the tips, tricks and suggestions for setting up a happy house and lifestyle.

Celebrating Success

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

Both J & E were awarded the school lighthouse award earlier this month, I must admit it seemed a little peculiar that they were awarded this on the same week. However, they were (and still are) deserving winners and I couldn’t be prouder of their progress.

Pancake Day

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

I’m always a little nervous when it comes to pancakes, you see I’m more of a flipper than a tosser if you will and I’m well aware that come pancake day the kids don’t just want to eat pancakes, they want to watch the full show which could well end in pancakes on the floor in my case…

I made over forty pancakes throughout Shrove Tuesday this year, not entirely for my household may I add but I can say with pride that not one single pancake slipped from the pan nor was wasted. In my eyes, that’s a success in itself!

Half Term – Swimming Sessions & Cinema Trips

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

Last week was half term and although the weather was absolutely awful, we still managed to get out and about for a family swim session and a trip to the cinema to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. I’d have liked to have done more but with the wild, wet and windy weather we spent the majority of the half-term week indoors.

A Lick of Paint

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

Although we’d love to rip out our entire kitchen and start from scratch we simply cannot afford to do so at present. We have however spent a few days giving the dining room and the kitchen a fresh coat of paint which has made a massive difference.

Tick Tock Clock

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

I’ve always wanted one of those massive clocks for my kitchen wall but I’ve been holding out until we were able to install a new kitchen. Given that’s no longer happening I decided not to bother waiting and ordered a large, white kitchen clock that is now hung on our dining room wall – it looks lovely!

Snow Day

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

It’s been two years or more since we last had a snow day, we just don’t seem to see the white stuff these days! On Monday we woke to snow and although it didn’t last too long we were lucky to be given a snow day. Sadly the snow melted before we were able to get the sledges out but the kids still enjoyed an extra day of fun and games before going back to school for the second half of the spring term.

Maisy Turned Two

Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

Earlier this month our beloved basset hound turned the grand age of two, she is therefore no longer classed as a puppy and is now deemed to be ‘a dog’. The age change has obviously made no difference to her whatsoever as she’s still as daft as a bat and keeping us very much on our toes.

Maisy was spoilt rotten with a brand new bone, a squeaky rabbit, a huge bag of food, and lots of love and cuddles.

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed reading what I #LikedAndLoved in February.

If you fancy sharing some of your own #LikedAndLoved points from the month then why not join in either through your own blog post or by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear what you #LikedAndLoved this month!



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