Learning To Line Up

Learning To Line UpAs per usual on a Wednesday during the holidays, the local bouncy castle madness is up and running at full throttle. My daughter is also at full throttle and cannot decide whether she wants to laugh or cry, either way she knows one thing that she won’t do for sure and that’s queueing to take her turn. Paul and I have both held her whilst waiting for her turn upon the activities, each time we’ve tried as we might to hold her back as she screams, wriggle’s desperately and cries to get her way onto the almighty blow up slide before anyone else. How exactly do you teach a toddler how to wait their turn? It’s not as if they have a grasp upon time other than the general routine of the day, I guess in a toddlers mind life is for living in the here and now, therefore waiting for anything is utterly pointless. Oh well, other than give up on her tantrums and go home, we can only but try to teach her some patience.

J has been the best big brother that he could possibly be, helping to take his little sister on this and that and ultimately being as good as gold for us. He has definitely earned some brownie points with me this morning! All apart from the moment where he almost took being the protective big brother a little too far whilst in the soft play that is.

Mainly though they have both had great fun, which is what I was hoping for. I believe nap time may now prevail which will no doubt be quality Minecraft time for my little man.



  1. March 31, 2016 / 8:14 am

    Ah bless, how lovely that big brother is so protective. I’m sure she’ll soon learn the etiquette of the great British queue 😉

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