Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Winter

The winter is long and there isn’t much to do, especially with so many places closed this year, you can’t go to the gym, the cinema, restaurants, or even travel very far. Not to mention you’re probably spending more time than ever before in your home, working or managing the household. Now might be a good time to invest in your property and upgrade it. You could add value to the property and enjoy spaces that are new and better suited to your life activities. Below you’ll find some fantastic renovation ideas.

Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Winter

A Glass Link

Some properties have extensions or outdoor areas that are separated from the main building. This is common on farms and homesteads, but is also evident in older suburban homes. Some people also renovate their home to include extra rooms or exterior apartments. A glass link is a way to connect these buildings together and they offer several benefits.

A glass link can be a section or extension that joins up a primary building with an exterior one, or creates a partition wall between one room and another. It allows easy access between areas, protects you from the weather when moving around sections of a property; it also provides more light for the home.

A glass link is made using large sections of glass that connect together to form a sort of tunnel. The base of the link can be modified to compensate for different levels of ground. This is sometimes necessary when one section of property is higher or lower than another. In this case a ramp is formed.

A Voluminous Space

When people renovate their homes they usually think of the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathroom, and where to put the home office. In terms of structural changes they might think about an extension of some kind or some landscaping. They rarely think about what can be done above to increase the height of the property and the available space.

In reality extensions can be installed vertically as well as horizontally and they create a voluminous space that improves your wellbeing and give you more opportunities to practice feng shui. In the ancient Chinese tradition, a large open space is conducive to certain states of openness and appreciation. If you live in an older property there’s no reason why you can’t convert a cramped space into an open contemporary one.

Often you don’t need planning permission to extend your property upwards, not unless it is particularly high. Check your local government restrictions for more information. In general, however, it is not hard to do. You can take out a loan for home renovations and find a construction company for a quote and some design ideas.

The Broken Plan

Many people assume that open plan homes are the best idea, because they give you light, space, and plenty of options for interior design. This is true, but there are also some disadvantages. It means there are no spaces for private or intimate activities, exercising or watching a cosy movie, for instance. With this in mind there is the broken plan renovation.

The broken plan is essentially an open floor space subdivided into sections using dividers, partial walls, and internal windows. You can create several interesting and diverse spaces in your home specifically for your activities. Your environment has power and influence on you, so what could be better than stepping into a room and feeling the inspiration you crave.

If you’re into Feng Shui you’ll know you need a Bagua floor plan to help you determine the energy of each room in your home. Some will have warm lively colors to inspire work-mode attitudes, while others will have quieter tones for relaxing. A broken plan five you more rooms to work with and a variety of potential spaces.

A Transformed Space

Many homes, especially older ones, have certain restrictions on what you can change and renovate. In a listed buying, for instance, you wouldn’t be allowed to alter the structure of the buying or brick up old doorways to reinvent the rooms. Still, there are ways around the problem that can also look impressive and inviting.

Older properties with renovation restrictions such as classic homes, church buildings, farm houses, and cottages, might have rooms and spaces that are too dark, narrow, or low. They were built in a different time and serve a different purpose. If you want to reinvent them there are options, especially for doors and dark spaces.

Instead of bricking up a doorway you can turn it into a window, this will let more light into the room and won’t compromise the building’s structure. Another option is to use a shutter-style on the doorway so you can see out but people can’t see in. This is effective for an office space. In general older brickwork goes well with glass and modern aesthetics.

Lofts and Basements

One excellent renovation strategy is to renovate your loft or basement and turn it into an exciting new living space or home office. If these spaces have not been transformed already you might be missing an opportunity to increase the floor space of your home which will raise its market value and give you more options.

A loft can make a very good extra bedroom, that you can use as a guest room or start a small Airbnb business from. You might also use an extra room at the tip of your house as a studio for art projects or music. The basement is equally versatile. A basement is a great place to build a second living room, a home cinema, or an office where you can start a small business.

It’s easier than you may think to renovate these spaces and turn them into value adding rooms that are also practical. Invest in your home with a renovation loan, enlist the help of some well-known designers and your space can be transformed in no time. Having renovated these rooms you will be amazed you lived without them for so long.

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