From Chaos To Clean

Theres something incredibly satisfying about cleaning the entire house top to bottom, tidying everything to within an inch of its life and after three hours of hard graft then heading for a hot shower followed by a long soak in the tub.

It’s like having a workout without the DVD or the exercise class, that and after a few hours hard work I now have a clean house, it wont last for long I’m sure as the kids are due home from School shortly.¬†Between the children and the dog it’s almost impossible to keep a clean, tidy house for long. It’s much like sweeping up leaves in a whirlwind, a pointless exercise but certainly satisfying at the time.

From Chaos To Clean

Having scrubbed the sideboards, made the beds, vacuumed the carpets, mopped the tiles, cleaned the pots, filled the dishwasher, put on two loads of washing and organised endless toys, books and such-like I have since lit two candles to fragrance the house with something other than the smell of bleach.¬†Sadly my large Yankee candle is no longer and I’ve found myself resorting to alternative options such as the Heart & Home candles which I was very kindly given as part of my Blog On goody bag. I have to say they smell blumming good, quite christmassy which is apt given the current season.

From Chaos To Clean

With the house sparkling clean and smelling like apples and cinnamon I am about to wrap up warm and head out to School to pick up my rabble, I’ll no doubt have a quick browse around the book fair, a short trip to Tesco and then within the hour this mornings efforts will be wasted as the house will once again return to its usual state of utter chaos.

Oh well, I tried!



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