Friday 13th & Plans For The Weekend

Although I take a keen interest in all things spooky, I’m not the superstitious type. I’m therefore not too worried by the idea of it being Friday 13th, though given that we plan to go skating later, I’ll be sure to be careful!

Friday 13th & Plans for the weekend

After a wet, windy and miserable week weather-wise, the sun is now shining ready for the weekend. According to the news we are hoping for a late September heatwave, I’ve still got gallons of factor fifty to get through so BRING IT ON!

Paul and I have plenty to be getting on with over the next two days, I’ve got all sorts of errands to run, so many little things to get sorted which have been waiting for a while now, though I’ve got very limited time to do so.

It’s been non-stop till I could quite literally drop this week, I really ought to give myself a little time out but I’m so keen to keep on top of things, so eager to get going with our plans that I’m pushing on through.

The kitchen plans and design are being presented to us tomorrow, though I’m not entirely sure as to which company we are hoping to use as of yet. I’m still umming and arring over the sink, the oven, the countertops, and the flooring. Thankfully I’m quite happy with the layout we’ve designed, it’s just the finer details causing confusion, which we will iron out once we are able to see what’s what.

I’ve arranged for my folks to look after the little ones whilst we dash around town getting things sorted, following which – we’ve been invited for a roast beef dinner which I’m rather looking forward to.

E has her weekly swimming lesson on Sunday where I plan to soak, steam and simmer in the hot tub, steam room and sauna. What better way to destress?!

I feel as I am half a world away from where I want to be, but with time, effort and a bank loan, I’ll / we’ll get there!




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