Embracing The Downpour With Home Comforts

After months of almost endless sunshine the heat wave is finally over. I’d never thought that I’d be the type to rejoice at the idea of wearing jumpers, socks and warm clothing but right now I’m revelling in being able to enjoy the extra layers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sun-loving lady but my skin isn’t as such, I’m therefore rather relieved to have a little break from the burn. I’ve spent much of the day slumming it in slippers and sloggy, snug clothing whilst cracking on with the chores¬†as you do on a stormy Saturday.¬†

Embracing The Downpour With Home Comforts

Theres something incredibly comforting about sitting warm and snug at the kitchen table, Ed Sheeran singly softly in the background, my Macbook by my side as the rain beats rhythmically against the window. It’s much like that safe, secure sensation when you’ve nowhere to be and can cuddle back down into the comfort of your duvet.

I’ve embraced the downpour by donning my apron and throwing together yet another batch of sticky toffee pudding for the freezer. The sweet smell of sticky, date pudding cooking in the oven is yet another reminder of my current reality – sitting with my thoughts in the comfort of a cozy kitchen which despite being well-worn and in much-need of an update is at present a perfectly, peaceful place to simply be.




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