The Bank Holiday Weekend Has Arrived

Slam! The Bank Holiday weekend has finally arrived and with that comes a whole heap of garden related fodder for Paul whilst I try my hardest to get back on track with blogging and such like.

For some reason or other I’ve not really been ‘feeling it’ over the past few days. I haven’t even bothered reading other people’s blog posts which is a tad naughty but I guess I’ll catch up with those that I read over the next few weeks or so. Please excuse my recent silence but I’ll be totally honest I’ve quite enjoyed living in the real World for a bit.

Anyhow, here I am back at my desk and back to it I guess! I don’t often takes breaks but I think it’s totally natural that every now and then we all need a break right?

The sun is shining, the neighbours are mowing their lawn and the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air. The kids are out at my folks for the night, I’ve managed to squeeze in a quick Asda run and as a result there’s a bottle of Rose with my name on it downstairs along with a load of groceries which the hubby is currently transforming into some kind of master piece for our tea.

As you’ve probably read in my past posts, I’ve desperately wanted to diet for some time now but found that Slimming World and I simply didn’t gel. I seem to have fashioned my own diet recently and it’s working a treat, weight is literally dropping from me and I feel good.

I’ve cut down portions to a minimum amount, reduced my daily intake to almost 25% of what I was originally eating and stayed clear of any snacks after 7pm. I will admit I’ve felt a little faint here and there but I’ve found that since my stomach started shrinking so has my appetite. I can do without food almost up until 1-2pm and by then I only need something small and bland which lasts me up until the evening.

The Bank Holiday Weekend Has Arrived

I may be surrounded by the Easter chocolate overload but it doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever! How uncanny is that?! I may have finally cracked it, here’s hoping that give it a month or two I may be able to drop a few dress sizes and perhaps even squeeze into some nice crop jeans ready for the summer sunshine.

My only bug bear with losing so much weight so quickly is that I’ve got drawers full of floppy, floaty tops which will soon be of no use. Hey ho, there’s always a down side to anything in life huh?

Speaking of down sides…It may be a long weekend but this is the weekend that I will be waving goodbye to one of my old-time friends, a lady whom has been through far more than any human should have to endure yet has come through it with a smile and strength.

Here’s hoping that come Sunday when I give this wonderful woman a tight squeeze goodbye I’ll manage to maintain composure. Hopefully we can arrange a few city dates once she’s moved and settled into her new abode, I simply don’t know how I’ll manage without my Mandy!

I hate goodbyes, life seems to be littered with them. Life is a continuous conveyor belt dealing out hatches, matches and dispatches and it never gets easier no matter how old you may be. Thankfully I’ve had some good news this afternoon which gives me a little something to celebrate but still I can’t help but to stick two fingers up to the puppet masters at times.

There’s a fine smell of garlic wafting up the stairs which I guess is my queue to peel myself from the Macbook, pop the chair back under the desk and to go and enjoy my Friday evening.

Take Care


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