Being Organised & Making Life Lists

Being Organised & Making Life ListsBeing Organised & Making Life Lists I am a list maker, I love the satisfaction of being able to tick off completed tasks. It’s like a mental pat on the back, because trust me,  it’s not as if anyone one else would ever give me a high-five for some of the crap that I write on my many lists. Christ, I’m almost certain Paul believes in fairies, the housework fairies that is. He must think the fairies visit our house and get all the little things done, either that or he just doesn’t notice the lack of dust and grime  (the latter is more likely).

Along with my task lists, I also made a list of New Years resolutions in the back of my diary towards the end of 2015. One of my aims was to get out more and I have to say I think I’m getting there. We seem to have more play dates, play groups and trips out to the park these days. Now that the weather is getting better, I’m also hoping to have time out to the beach and short walks around the area with the kids. We managed to get to the park again this afternoon, the sun was once again shining and it was a delight to watch J running about with his school friends, whilst I pushed E on the swings and ran around after her as she tried to join in with the big kids.

Another aim on the New Years resolutions list was to lose some weight and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to start soon. I’m feeling quite low about my mummy figure, they say you never get your figure back after having kids but in reality, I can’t blame having kids as the reason for my wobbly bits, as they were there before children were in the picture.

It’s all very well living in swing dresses and leggings, but it’ll be summer again before we know it and I’d really like to be able to show some leg without nauseating passers-by. Actually it’s not my legs which are my problem (although they could do with being a damn site longer and less tree trunk like), it’s my stomach, backside and chin well more like chins. I absolutely hate my figure and I  really need to do something about it, other than chow down on junk food for temporary relief from low moods, often stemming from low self-esteem.

I decided to download the seven minute workout app after reading a few good reviews on the AppStore, they were no doubt written by stick insects who get pleasure from exercise – freaks! Sorry if this is you, I’m only jealous. But really?! Are you mad?

Tomorrow is a new day and whilst it may be chaotic with playgroups and parties, I am going to try and make an effort to fit in my first seven minute workout. I’ve got to start somewhere and believe me, it’s far better for us all if I start in my own living room, as nobody should have to see me in Lycra working up a sweat. It’s bad enough when somebody pops by and I have the Hoover glow going on.

Anyhow it’s late and so in the words of my good friend Vicky, I am going to get into my slonkies yes slonkies, how awesome is that word? and get some sleep as I have a busy day ahead of me.


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