The Bank Holiday Weekend Has Arrived

Slam! The Bank Holiday weekend has finally arrived and with that comes a whole heap of garden related fodder for Paul whilst I try my hardest to get back on track with blogging and such like.

For some reason or other I’ve not really been ‘feeling it’ over the past few days. I haven’t even bothered reading other people’s blog posts which is a tad naughty but I guess I’ll catch up with those that I read over the next few weeks or so. Please excuse my recent silence but I’ll be totally honest I’ve quite enjoyed living in the real World for a bit.…

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A New Year, A New Me – My Weight Loss Mission

The New Year has arrived and with it I’d like to work upon a ‘new me’. Since having the children I have piled on the pounds and quite frankly I am fed up of being the size that I am.

Each and every morning I dread having to get dressed simply because I hate how my clothes feel tight and look far from flattering. I have spent the past year or two dressing in over sized cardigans, swing dresses and anything ‘floaty’ to cover the flab.

A New Year, A New Me

It is high time I did something about my weight issues and what better way to fight the flab than to kick start the new year with a diet?…

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Being Organised & Making Life Lists

Being Organised & Making Life Lists I am a list maker, I love the satisfaction of being able to tick off completed tasks. It’s like a mental pat on the back, because trust me,  it’s not as if anyone one else would ever give me a high-five for some of the crap that I write on my many lists. Christ, I’m almost certain Paul believes in fairies, the housework fairies that is. He must think the fairies visit our house and get all the little things done, either that or he just doesn’t notice the lack of dust and grime  (the latter is more likely).…

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Perfect Playtime Weather Permitting

As usual for my neck of the woods, it’s pouring it down. I am fairly used to the weather by now after thirty something years of it, but since having kids I have developed an inner hatred towards the rain. It’s bad enough finding ways in which to entertain two hyperactive little **** darlings, never mind having to do your best at being all round entertainer whilst being confined to four walls.

So far we have attempted the Pinterest picture perfect parent thing and made a fresh batch of play dough. The kids played with the warm dough for the whole of ten minutes before becoming bored and looking for their next fix.…

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