I Have Smashed My Essential ‘Middle Finger’.

I discovered real pain last night, the kind of pain that renders you unable to speak, I have smashed my essential ‘middle finger’, Even if I was to try to give you the finger, I couldn’t as it hurts too effing much! If I was ever to have kids again (not happening) then I am almost certain that if you were to take my finger and slam it in a door I would forget all about contractions. I’m not advising you give yourself smashed fingers during labour but it’d be one hell of a distraction!
I wI Have Smashed My Essential 'Middle Finger'.as unable to sleep last night with the throbbing pain so it’s almost like practicing for the real event of having a baby in that you also lose your precious mattress time. Thus today has consisted of a rather mundane playgroup session and Disney films, bad mum huh?

Right … Off to pick up the eldest from the school run. Let’s hope that the passing cars don’t think I’m giving them the finger, as I cannot wrap it around the wheel so well. Ha, what fun!

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