Sickness & Skipping School

I’d fully intended to work my way through a list of jobs throughout this week but being a parent plans can change at the flick of a switch. Following partying hard on Sunday afternoon E didn’t seem too bright that evening when I put her to bed, she woke hot, clammy and coughing within the early hours of Monday morning and as a result we kept her off School for the day to recuperate.

Typically by lunch time that day E seemed to have bounced back to her normal self and was busy keeping me on my toes demanding entertainment and attention whilst I desperately tried to get on with the household chores.I felt guilty taking her along with me on the School run to collect J as she appeared to be absolutely fine, no doubt people would see her out and about and suspect she’d been skiving for the day. Thankfully nobody really asked any questions and we made it to and from School fairly quickly.

Having run myself ragged cleaning the house top to bottom whilst entertaining a four-year old I then took J along to his Karate lesson (or to ‘Ninja Turtles’ as it is now termed) where he managed to acquire a head injury within two minutes of having entered the building. After stuffing his face with half a Freddo thank flip for Freddos and a shot of Calpol he continued to take part in the class whilst I sat shivering in my duvet style jacket whilst catching up with a friend.

After a swift child swap with the hubby I bundled the kids into the car and headed home to supply the kids with supper, baths, books and fresh beds in which to snuggle down for the night. My job finally done I flaked out on the sofa and caught up with the soaps. E seemed to settle fine, she slept really well that night and I therefore assumed she was well enough to return to School.

I too spent the afternoon in School helping the children with their current RE project, it was only when I passed through E’s classroom that I realised I may have jumped the gun in sending her back to School. Bless her, she could barely keep her eyes open and was too busy coughing up a lung to listen to the Teacher who had the children sat around them, their full attention focused upon her as she read a story. E however was a million miles away and looked as if she would be far better at home snuggled back in her bed.

Sickness & Skipping School

Having finished my work for the day I took the children home, provided them with snacks and drinks before sitting around the table to work upon their Homework together. Poor E didn’t seem well at all and although she ate most of her tea and joined us in a game of Labyrinth she didn’t seem to know what to do with herself and following a hot bath I put her to bed with yet another shot of Calpol in the hope that come morning she may have improved.

Later that night we woke with E coughing, she was barely able to breath and after several puffs on her inhaler, a shot of Piriton, yet another round of Calpol and cuddles in bed with Paul and I she eventually settled to sleep. It was a wakeful night as Paul and I continued to check upon E’s spiking temperature adjusting her layers of clothing accordingly, that and with E laid on my arm I was suffering with a serious bout of ‘dead arm’ which after a few hours was intolerable and I was forced to move my sleeping, snotty beauty further along the bed.

The following morning it was clear that E would once again be spending the day at home and this time around I enforced bed rest upon her which given that she’s four-years of age wasn’t easy but she understood my reasons behind this request and gave it her best shot at sitting still and relaxing.

We watched three movies in total throughout the day; Happy Feet, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 all of which E thoroughly enjoyed. As we sat snuggled spending time together I realised how much I miss my little lady. It was only a few months ago that she started School and before then we spent every afternoon together either out shopping, cuddled up watching movies, crafting, painting, making Music, attending clubs and groups or whatever took our fancy at the time. Those days are no longer other than the weekends which are interrupted by work, shopping, parties or whatever else seems to crop up.

Sickness & Skipping School

I therefore made the very best of a bad situation and spoilt E with cuddles, movies, and care. I hate seeing my little lady suffering especially when there is nothing that I can really do for her other than dose her with drugs and just be by her side as she fights whatever bug has taken her down.

I know fine well that kids get ill from time and time and touch wood it’s not often that our little ones seem to fall ill these days. We try our very best to load them both full of vitamins through fruit and veg although that is also a struggle as they are equally fussy over their food aren’t all kids? I’m hoping that come Christmas they will have both caught and got over whatever bugs are doing the rounds so that we can relax and enjoy a Christmas without coughs, colds, croup, conjunctivitis, chickenpox or any other complaints.

Following a good nights sleep E woke bright and breezy this morning, her temperature was back to normal and although she still had a bit of a cough she seemed far better than earlier in the week. After monitoring her throughout the morning I then decided to send her back to School although wasn’t entirely sure whether this was the right decision, either way there has been no phone call as of yet and I have my fingers crossed that our little lady is now on the road the recovery.

It’s so hard being a parent at times, you’re not just a Mother you’re a maid, a Teacher, a cleaner, a cook, a carer, a P.A, an adjudicator, a chauffeur, a referee, a Nurse and much more. I am fully aware that as a parent I am responsible for all number of things but the medical malarkey I’ve never been that good at, I’m far from Florence Nightingale that’s for sure!

As a child I was very lucky that my Mother was a Nurse as whenever I fell sick she was able to take care of me and seemed to know exactly what to do, I on the other hand hadn’t got a clue when it came to caring for my own children when they were sick! I wish I had my Mother’s Nursery-know-how prior to being a parent as I’ve had to learn as I’ve gone along. Over the years I’ve built a fairly stealthy knowledge upon children’s ailments, we’ve certainly had our fair share of medical moments from which we’ve learnt a fair amount from.

No matter how many times I’ve kept my children off School due to sickness though I’m never really sure when it’s right to send them back. This week for example I kept E at home on Monday then sent her back to School on Tuesday only realising later in the day that I’d jumped the gun, she was therefore off again on Wednesday and has returned this morning. It’s like the blinking Hokey Cokey – in, out, in, out shake it all about!

I don’t wish to appear too keen to send them back, some parents may worry I’d be spreading unwanted germs. On the other hand neither do I wish for people to think that I’m refraining my children from attending School for no good reason. All that really matters though is my children’s health and if that isn’t right then they shouldn’t be at School and who is anyone to judge? I guess I’m the one judging myself here which is nothing new.

Hopefully E is busy enjoying herself at School and with a little luck she will make it through another full nights rest for a final day at School tomorrow before the weekend. On that note I’ll stop questioning and judging myself and make a start on dinner.



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