Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Gosh I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired! I hate taking time off, I hate letting anyone down especially so when it’s last minute. This week however I found myself in a situation where I had no other option as my body took control.

It’s not the first time that it’s happened either – One moment I was going about my business, washing my face and from what I remember I was about to brush my teeth when there was an almighty thud – it was me … I’d passed out and I had hit the deck.

From that point onwards things were a little hazy, not only as my eyesight had altered to a fog but my hearing had also left me in exchange for high pitched screaming. I somehow managed to get myself to my dresser where I sat myself down but again felt myself slump forward, this time into the mirror which was a little more forgiving than the edge of the bath. At that point I called for help as I was lathered in sweat and knew fine well I was of no use to anyone.

Paul insisted that I took the day off and set about calling in, arranging transport for the kids to get to school and then he dashed off to work. It was all a bit of a mad rush to get everyone out of the door on time – yet there was nothing I could do to help as I was a bundle of sweat in bed.

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

I then slept for a few hours and whilst I felt slightly more human having had some shut-eye, I was far from feeling quite like myself. Following that, I attended an appointment to see the GP where they arranged to take my bloods, blood pressure, iron levels and everything else. That’s all very well but I haven’t the time to fit all these appointments and what-not in as there’s too much to do especially over the next few weeks!

I was meant to be working, I was meant to be packing bags for my sons residential and I had a whole heap of housework that I wanted to do, none of which I was able to do as I spent the entire day spaced out under a duvet.

Maybe it was the antibiotics for the abscess, maybe it was my blood sugar levels, maybe it was a bug… Maybe isn’t really an answer and I cannot afford to be sat around when there’s so much that needs doing especially as it’s now coming to the close of the weekend and still, I feel peculiar!

I’m so frustrated with myself, I haven’t got the time to be flopping around fainting or running back and forth to the bathroom! Speaking of time, my husband ordered me a new watch which monitors blood pressure and heart rate – that’s all very well but it isn’t really a solution to the issue. Still, it’s such a lovely thought and I adore the watch – especially the fact that it tells me when I have a message or call.

Thanks to my rather groovy, new gadget I’m now able to visually see my heart rate, blood pressure, and vital stats as a chart which makes interesting reading, There’s no wonder that I feel so odd, my blood pressure is lower than Donald Trumps IQ and other than drinking plenty of water and keeping my body fueled there is very little I can do.

I’m done with writing posts about being poorly, I’m done with being poorly full stop! I need some serious sunshine and to get my head and body back into the game.



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