Under The Weather On A Weekend

The weekend has finally come around: two whole days without work, after school clubs or any commitments other than a kids party to attend. Yet here we are sofa surfing by a table laden with tissues, thermometers, Calpol and cold drinks – not exactly what we were hoping for.

Under The Weather On A Weekend

Poor E has come down with what I suspect may be the flu; she has a headache, ear ache, a runny nose, a sore throat, diarrhoea and a slight temperature. Despite sitting snuggled, eyes half-open, she spent the afternoon flat out refusing to have a nap or to rest at all, as she claims not to be tired. I hate to argue but I believe her body knows otherwise, as she nodded off half way through ‘Wreck it Ralph’.

My poor little mite doesn’t quite know what to do with herself and other than dosing her up with Calpol and cuddles, I am left helpless. E is a gem bless her, she shares not just her toys but also her germs, and as a result I too am feeling decidedly dodgy. As of yet, the boys haven’t shown any symptoms and I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will stay that way and they will swerve the dreaded lurgy.

Here’s hoping that both E and I get better quick smart, I hate seeing my little ones unwell – it breaks my heart.



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