Health Matters

Earlier last month I received feedback from the hospital regarding results for a procedure which took place in late August. I haven’t really gone into much detail upon this on my blog and don’t exactly intend to. However, I will happily share the good news that no further treatment is required as no malignancy was found.

I cannot express the relief which I felt in receiving that letter, I wasn’t sure whether to dance for joy or to scream in sheer delight. Instead I celebrated by deep-cleaning and de-cluttering the house, this may sound like a rather odd thing for one to do but it was my way of ‘cleaning and clearing my mind’. Being a bit of an OCD freak, there is nothing more satisfying than to get down and dirty with the Mr Muscle. Three hours or so later my house was gleaming as was I, with sweat mostly but also with glee.

Whilst I have been given a clean bill of health, E on the other hand has spent the past month or more struggling with an endless dry cough. She’s spent at least four days off ill from school and we have taken her time and time again to the GP. They are reluctant to hand out antibiotics which is understandable but almost a month has gone by and there is next to no improvement.

Health Matters

E has now been given a brown inhaler which we have been using for the past seven days or so. At first I felt this was making some sort of difference but having spent a night with my parents, she seems to have gone back to square one. Obviously it’s not my folks fault, but it does indicate that poor E is extremely run down and in much-need of rest.

Rest may be required but trying to get our girl to sit still never mind to sleep is next to impossible. She’s far too busy doing what five-years olds do best – playing whilst creating masses of mess to be cleaned and tidied. Thankfully E is a rather tidy five-year old, living under the same roof as me it’s only to be expected. Still, I have never known a child who can create such an amount of mess in such a short time!

All I want is for our little lady to get better, I hate hearing her hack and cough especially during the night. The GP seems to think its ‘viral’ but five weeks seems far too long for a cough! It’s certainly worrying me and if she’s no better within the next two days, we will be sat once again in the Doctor’s waiting room.

Here’s hoping that now half term has arrived, E can rest up and recuperate!



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