Ditching The Diet

It’s been one week since I started Slimming World and whilst I am not the type to quit, last night made me think otherwise when after seven days of damned hard work I stood on those scales and found I lost nada, nothing, not a single sodding pound.


I quit Slimming World! I know that it works for many of you out there as it has done for myself in the past. This time around I really went for it, over the past seven days I have spent a fortune on ‘speed/ free foods’, eaten like a rabbit, wondered what the hell I was going to make for each meal of the day and generally felt miserable.

I began with good intentions, I then found myself feeling light-headed and rather dazed by the whole dieting fad. I have followed the plan and have learnt a few things from it, I have certainly made some changes in terms in my diet which I will continue to carry out over time in hope that I might lose a pound or twenty-seven.

After having a social media melt down aka a whine on Facebook I have been told by all and sundry including my sons Teacher not to give up. I am not giving up entirely but I am giving up attending weigh in at £5 a shot. I will buy myself a set of scales, weigh myself each week and try to stick to a plan of sorts.

Ditching The Diet

I don’t need to drive out into the cold, be weighed in front of a room full of people to be told that I need to stick to the plan. I have always been one of those people who do things for themselves and after receiving my beautiful personalised plaque this afternoon I will be sure to give it a go alone.

I am not giving up, I am simply taking hold of the reins for myself.



  1. January 11, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    Good for you for taking control and doing it alone….Personally I think it’s daft to pay for weight loss programmes when you can find all the recipes online. Why pay for someone to tell you how much you weigh. lol
    Good luck! That plaque is gorgeous x

  2. January 11, 2017 / 9:44 pm

    You should join my ditch the diet challenge 🙂
    Diets are expensive and hard work, this year I am just focussing on eating well and healthily.

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