For the Love of Treeselets!

Having worked hard to lose almost three stone last year, I seem to have lost all desire to diet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from happy with my figure but I seem to lack the lustre to limit myself when it comes to food.

I really ought to cut out the crud, but I can’t help but to fill my face with whatever happens to be hanging around in the cupboards. Most recently I have discovered a love for Treeselets – a festive fad which I believed to be a seasonal sensation.

I was never really a fan of Cheeselets but having spent the day driving with my husband and his pack of Treeselets, I suffered a ‘hangry’ attack (hangry is where hunger evolves into anger). As my stomach growled and my mood swung, Paul desperately suggested that I should give his Treeselets a go. Being a fussy eater and being in a bit of a bad mood, I wasn’t entirely sure. I eventually gave in to the hunger and l tried a Treeselet, I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t entirely impressed!

Half an hour later though (having quaffed half a tub of Treeselets), my love had grown for these cheesy little treats. I have since eaten almost four tubs of these salty little snacks and I can’t seem to get enough.

For the Love of Treeselets!

My waistline however tells me otherwise, it’s all very well stuffing myself like a pig whilst wrapped in winter clothes. Come summer though, I’ll be cursing myself for living on a such a ‘see food (and eat it) diet’ for the past however many months. I really ought to put a stop to it, but I can’t help but to reach for the comfort food whenever I hit the couch.

Our cupboards are still stacked high with Christmas chocolates and biscuits. It’s not my fault that the chocolate coins seem to peel themselves from their wrappers and roll into my mouth each and every time I happen to pass the cupboard, I swear it just happens!

I haven’t even been bothered to bake since Christmas, there’s no need as I’d only eat whatever I made, that and we have snacks-a-plenty. One thing we are now missing however happens to be ‘Treeselets’…

I’m pining for another pack, even the thought of them makes my mouth water. I’m just not sure whether Cheeselets would be quite the same? Sure, they are exactly the same snack (only a different shape) but transferring from trees to squares would be admitting that I have an addiction. I’m going to have to hold off until next Christmas, as much as that might drive me to distraction, it should at least prevent me from piling on the pounds.

Why must seasonal food be so fattening? Why must it taste so darn good? Why oh why don’t they sell Treeselets all year round?!




  1. Chris Forward
    January 10, 2020 / 9:10 pm

    Being a mere Male of 73, all I really wanted this christmas just past(writing this 10/01/2020) was a tub of cheeselets , the right amount of alcohol and to watch Muppets Christmas Carol.
    However……….down here in East Sussex
    Treeselets were there none! All major supermarkets? Nope? Family and friends laughingly joined in the hunt, utter failure, my daughter ordered online the” double pack” twiglets and treeselets, so ….2 twiglets. Sob.
    Till, at last on jan8 my daughter presented me with TREESELETS ! I am content (well, till the tub is empty)

    • January 10, 2020 / 9:16 pm

      I had a very good friend buy me a ridiculous amount of tubs as part of my secret Santa gift. It was IMMENSE

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