The Tooth Fairy Is Coming

Our little lady was busy devouring her dinner when all of a sudden she let out a scream and ran to the living room. Paul and I jumped to attention, presuming that she’d bitten her tongue as a steady stream of the red stuff ran down her chin.

As it turns out E’s tongue was just fine, upon inspection we found that our little lady was missing her first tooth! E must have been super hungry as it seems she has swallowed said tooth along with her pancakes, leaving us to write an explanatory letter for the tooth fairy this evening.

The Tooth Fairy Is Coming

Bless, poor E seemed rather panicked and perplexed by the idea of losing her teeth. We’ve since reassured her that losing teeth is entirely normal and correct for her age, and she is now rather proud of her gap.

We’ve been expecting for E’s teeth to start getting wobbly, but we weren’t expecting for her teeth to drop out mid-dinner! Our little lady sure is growing up fast!


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