Nasty Habits that Can Damage your Teeth

If you look at exactly what a person’s teeth have to endure, it is remarkable, with hot liquids, cool drinks, and all kinds of food passing by on a daily basis, the teeth are really up against it. While there isn’t much we can do about that, there are certain things that really do play havoc with your teeth, and without further ado, here they are in no particular order.

Nasty Habits that Can Damage your Teeth


  • Avoid Chewing Ice – We have all done it at times, and while it might seem a harmless enough activity, it does put unnecessary strain on the teeth. If, for example, a person bit down heavily on an ice cube, it could crack a tooth, and if that happens, you will need dental treatment. If you are looking for affordable dental crowns in Brisbane, an online search will be the best place to start, unless, of course, you have a recommendation.


  • Avoid Soda and Soft Drink Mixers – If you like long rum and cokes or whisky and sodas, then you are causing your tooth enamel to be exposed to a lot of citric acid and sugar, and too much of this will render a tooth in decay. You may not be able to resist a sneak sip now and then, but make sure you brush your teeth straight after. Any high sugar content food or drink will leave a tiny film on the tooth enamel, and over time, this eats away at the enamel itself, and with very regular brushing, you are removing a great deal of harmful sugar and protecting your teeth. Even rinsing your mouth with water between drinks will really reduce this, and if you can get into the habit, it will stave off decay. If you are not clued up regarding the damage sugar can cause your teeth, here is a very informative article.


  • Opening Beer Bottles – The guys will know about this, as there are many times when a bottle opener is not around, and after all, it does no harm, does it? Opening bottles with your teeth shakes it to its very roots, and doing it often will certainly result in an early exit. If you, or anyone you know uses this as a party trick, you’d best tell them to find something a little less damaging.


  • Smoking – Of course, not everyone smokes, but many drinkers like a cigarette in the evenings, with their favourite tipple, and while there are serious health implications for the heart and lungs, your teeth will be stained by the nicotine in the smoke, giving you “smoker’s teeth” which is a yellowish tint.

The above are just a few of the harmful things our teeth have to endure, and by changing your oral hygiene practices and avoiding certain things, your teeth will last you until your old age. Regular brushing (after every meal and snack) will ensure that anything harmful is effectively removed, before it can do any damage. Visit your dentist, even when there isn’t a problem, as regular check-ups will avoid any serious issues, and your teeth and gums will give you many years of service.

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