Happy Halloween 2019

We have had such a wicked Halloween this year!

J and I spent the afternoon at Muncaster Castle which was filled with all kinds of terrifying treats. I’ve never been to Muncaster at Halloween before, I’ve always presumed it would be too busy and probably a little too on the expensive side but it’s so worth the visit and I’ll be sure to return with both the little ones next year.

Happy Halloween 2019

E meanwhile went to her Nana and Grandads where she got dressed up as a vampire all ready to go out trick or treating. After getting home we filled our faces with fresh bread and hot, steamy soup before heading out with the kids and the dog styled to scare.

The kids really enjoy Halloween; they were so lovely and polite as they visited each house around our cul-de-sac. J made sure that his sister was by his side as he knocked at each door and whilst he almost always says the traditional “Trick or Treat?” E will always follow with “Happy Halloweeeeeen” in the cutest little voice. They are such an adorable pair of kids and I love taking them out especially so at this time of year.

Happy Halloween 2019

With their ghoulish outfits and gruesome makeup, the kids really looked the part this year, even the dog looked pretty good!

Happy Halloween 2019

The weather thankfully held out and we got to visit quite a few houses before heading home to warm up.

The kids have been spoilt rotten with sweets, I’ve never known them to collect so much candy! It’s certainly been a Halloween to remember, now to de-witch and to tidy up the decor before October is all out.

Happy Halloween – I hope you’ve had a frightfully fantastic time.

Happy Halloween 2019



  1. November 1, 2019 / 11:37 am

    aww that looks brilliant. I do love Halloween. What great costumes and a fabulous place to visit x

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