Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! It’s certainly been an enjoyable and exciting night for the kids – they went trick or treating along with our basset hound Maisy for the first time.

We decided to ‘dress up the dog’ which was yet another first for us and low and behold, our basset seemed to actually enjoy being clothed in a costume! Maisy along with the kids was the star of the show, she certainly received a lot of attention and fuss from the locals that’s for sure!

The kids were spoilt rotten with sweets, chocolates, cakes and all sorts of devilish delights. They each came home with almost two buckets full of sweet treats, Halloween has certainly peeked in popularity since I was a kid!

Happy Halloween

We decorated the house for Halloween almost a week ago, we’ve tried to stretch the spooky season for longer than usual this year. The kids seemed to prefer having the decorations up for longer and I think we will do the same next year. Kids are only kids for so long, they grow up far too fast, thus I’d like to make the very best of the seasons and festivities whilst they are still young.

Here’s wishing you, your friends and your family a very Happy Halloween.┬áCome tomorrow morning we will be into November and baking ourselves by the bonfire whilst watching fireworks and enjoying treacle toffee. Time goes by so quickly!

Happy Halloween 2017


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