Happy Halloween 2017

After spending the past few weeks writing endless posts in the run up to Halloween I thought it was only right that I should put together a quick post to wish you all a very ‘Happy Halloween’.

Having spent the past week watching Halloween movies, reading spooky stories and playing ghastly games the children were really excited about Halloween this year. We then decorated our house top to bottom with ghouls, ghosts, skeletons, witches, pumpkins and all kinds of Halloween horrors.

Having arrived home earlier this afternoon following yet another busy day at School (for all of us for that matter) they were revved up and ready to rock their creepy clothing and to have their faces painted (E as a witch and J as Bendy from Bendy and the ink machine) and hair chalk dyed accordingly.


Having dressed up we then headed out around the local area to partake in some trick or treating. We also took our beloved basset Molly along with us for what will no doubt be her final Halloween. It was a pleasure to stand back and to watch our children as they knocked upon doors innocently chanting “Trick or treat” to each and every household being sure to thank all those that gave them sweets or treats.

Both J & E looked amazing in their outfits and although it took some amount of scrubbing to remove their face paints and hair dye come bath time it was most definitely worth the time and trauma.

Their vast collection of sweets, lollies, cakes and candy have since been divided into equal piles and we now have enough sugar to keep the children climbing the walls until Christmas when they will no doubt be given yet more chocolate and sweets to savour.

Both the children and I have had a fantastic Halloween and now that they have been scrubbed clean and are settled snuggly into their beds I am planning to jump into the shower then catch up with this years ‘Bake Off Final’ which will no doubt force my hand into snacking upon whatever may be left in the pumpkin party pot now that the trick or treaters have ceased knocking upon our door.

Happy Halloween 2017


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