Winter Skincare Tips

The winter is here now, and it’s also a good time to go for nature walks and road trips; however, the dry air can be extremely damaging to your skin. It can dry it out and make it crack and look unhealthy as Christmas approaches. Avoid this by using the tips below. They include how to keep your skin hydrated and what products to use to prevent your skin from becoming cracked and sore. Everybody wants to look their best at Christmas time; read on to find out how.

Winter Skincare Tips

Use Lukewarm Water

It can be tempting to take a piping hot shower in the morning before going outside or after coming in from the cold in winter. This, however, is one of the worst things you can do to your skin in the winter. Hot water strips away your skin’s protective moisture barrier leaving it exposed to the dry atmosphere. Instead, use lukewarm water and wash your skin gently. This will prevent conditions such as eczema from developing.

Stay Hydrated

For your skin to stay healthy and shiny, it needs to stay hydrated. This is especially true in the winter when the air is extra dry. You can maintain hydrated skin in two ways; the first is by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, the second is by installing a humidifier in your home. A humidifier will hydrate your skin from the outside by creating a moist environment.

Choose Skin Care Products

Everyone’s skin is different. Some people have very oily skin, while others have skin that’s extra dry. Either extreme can cause issues for you, including breakouts or cracks. Identify the nature of your skin and where does it sit on the scale? After that, you want to identify products well suited to that skin type. You want to trap moisture after a lukewarm shower or add moisture to dry skin with moisturizing products in the winter. If you want to learn how to treat hyperpigmentation conditions, follow the link.

Protect Your Skin

Protecting your skin during winter can be just as important as protecting it during summer. You need to cover up to percent exposed to the dry air that can cause cracked and damaged skin. When you go outside, always wear a hat, gloves, and a scarf. You might also use sunscreen. Even though it’s winter, the sun’s UV rays can still be damaging to your skin and cause a range of skin conditions.

Avoid Exfoliating

You might think exfoliating your skin is a good way to treat it and cleanse it, but it depends on your skin type and the time of year. Those with oily skin may not have to exfoliate as much as those with drier skin; also, the time of year makes a big difference to any skin type. In the winter, exfoliating the skin can strip away your skin’s protective layer as well as cleaning the pores. Use this treatment no more than once a week in the winter, if at all.

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