What Is Beauty?

What is beauty? They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I beg to differ… Beauty isn’t a slim body, straight teeth, perfect hair or glistening eyes, it’s far deeper than that.

Despite feeling broken, despite feeling far from worthy beauty may surface without you even realising. Beauty may be seen through acts of kindness, compassion, empathy, care, friendship or the ultimate – love.

I once believed that ‘love’ was a thing of fairy tales, a fictional feeling if you will. I had only ever really experienced ‘need’ and whilst I had toyed with the idea of ‘love’ looking back I never really knew what love was until I was in my twenties. Love vs Need, the two can be closely linked, they are two entirely different emotions which when analysed are so far apart they may as well be chalk and cheese.

What Is Beauty?

All these emotions, all these thoughts and all these huge words are bantered about so frequently we often lose sight of their importance. It’s only when you take time to sit back and to see whats right before your eyes that you are able to appreciate and to understand the significance and the importance of it all.

Getting back to ‘Beauty’ , it’s only now as a mature woman that I am finally able to see that beauty isn’t a perfect ten, it isn’t a magazine model, it isn’t a well fitted dress placed upon a slim figure, it isn’t straight teeth nor is it perfect skin. Beauty isn’t worn down the cat walk, beauty comes from within.



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