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Most of you that know me will also know that I would never dream of leaving the house without wearing my war-paint. Whilst I wear makeup on a daily basis I’m not particularly prissy when it comes to cosmetics, I am however a sucker for smellies especially so when it comes to the likes of Lush.

My sister-in-law recently became an ambassador for ‘Tropic’; a natural, cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics brand which receives countless raving reviews. After having a quick read through the website and having viewed some of the products available I bit the bullet and booked my very own Tropic Party which took place earlier this evening.

Being a creature of habit, I tend to stick to the same brands time and time again, especially so with regards to my eyeliner which may as well be tattooed onto my eyes as I go through realms of the stuff.

Speaking of my eyes, I spent last summer struggling with my vision and simply unable to wear eye makeup of any kind thanks to a severe allergy to Oxybenzone, a chemical used within the vast majority of high-street brand sunscreens. I’ve searched high and low to find an alternative product which I could use to avoid being ‘sun-blind’ and up until now have found myself wanting.

Totally Tropic

Thankfully Tropic has come up trumps as I found myself able to wear sunscreen for the entirety of the evening without watery eyes. This in itself is nothing short of a miracle, I have since ordered two large bottles of said lotion and have my fingers and toes crossed that this stuff will be a game changer when it comes to summer.

Alongside the sunscreen I have also ordered a range of ‘sleep inducing products’ in the hope that I may finally combat my incessant insomnia. Having sprayed the ‘lavender sleepy spray’ onto my daughters pillow during the party I found instant proof in the pudding (my little pudding to be precise) as it seemed to do exactly what it said on the tin, sending her straight to sleep which is where she has remained for the night and with a little luck will continue to do so until at least 9am tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping that this super spray works as well for me!

Totally Tropic

Until now I’ve never hosted a cosmetics party, nor any branded party to be honest. I was a little nervous about what to bake and make in preparation for the party. I toyed with the idea of providing a full buffet spread but after seeking advice from friends was told to stick to simple nibbles, in the end I did a bit of both!

As for the drinks, I filled my Tesco trolley with enough wine and spirits to hydrate a small army, yet found that most of the guests brought bottles along with them which later resulted in a counter covered in booze. It certainly won’t go to waste, not under this roof that’s for sure!

We may not have eaten all of the food nor glugged all of the grog but I can say without a doubt that it was a great night despite what seemed like endless interruptions from our beloved basset followed shortly by my crazy kids.

Thanks to all those that came along for the party and of course to my sister-in-law for hosting such a wonderful evening, I will be sure to add ‘Tropic’ to my go-to beauty brands for the future!

Totally Tropic

Should you fancy having a browse of the catalogue or would like further information upon Tropic products then you can take a look at Tor’s Tropic Page here.



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