Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Although I have naturally curly hair I’ve spent the past eight years sporting a straight bob. To be honest other than the daily straightening required it took a minimal amount of effort to maintain but as you can imagine I grew bored with wearing my hair in the same style day in and day out.

I’ve experimented with a few different partings and shoulder lengths over the years, I have also gone bleach blond at one point but as I’m fair-skinned I found that it made me look far too pale. Recently I’ve spent time growing my hair but after months of throwing it back into random bobbles, tags and slides I became fed up with the thickness and weight of my style.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I’ve toyed with the idea of reverting back to a bob but decided to maintain some of the length whilst having the weight removed through layering and razor cutting. As its Autumn I decided to have a seasonal style and colour change which was carried out by my good friend and trusty hair dresser Ann earlier this morning.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

My natural ginger tone has long gone along with the weight of my previous style. I wasn’t sure what to expect whilst Ann was busy dousing my barnet with the dye but having had it washed, dried and cut I am completely over the moon with my new style.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

The kids looked a little unsure when I picked them up from School, J told me that it looked nice but would take some getting used to, he then asked whether I had purposefully dyed my hair to appear more like Tori Amos, moments later my friend commented on my Facebook picture asking the very same question.

To answer the above question, no I didn’t dye my hair for any other reason than feeling the need for change but I would be more than happy to look anywhere as wonderful as that woman!

E on the other hand whooped and clapped when she spotted that I’d hat a cut and colour┬áthen asked whether she could have her hair painted pink?! I’m not so sure this would go down well with the School but if she’s willing to sit still for me then I’m perfectly happy to give the hair chalk a go tomorrow evening when she dresses up for Halloween.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

It’s not often that I go to the hairdressers these days, I was once a ‘monthly makeover’ kinda gal but my priorities have changed since having a family, that and funding fashion over food isn’t really an option.

Crikey years back I’d travel for an hour in the car then sit in a salon for hours on end enjoying head massages, cuts, colours, styling and all kinds of pampering at a price. These days I’m far happier nipping around the corner for a quick cut and blow dry which costs me a third of the price and takes half the time.

Other than having a few highlights back in the summer I’ve retained my natural colour for a few years now. Today though I fancied something other than ‘the usual’, I opted for a complete colour change and what a transformation it is! Ann has done a blinking brilliant job and I’m loving my new locks!




  1. October 31, 2017 / 11:55 pm

    Love the new do! Really suits you ­čÖé

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