Five Fragrance Favourites

I don’t know about you but I personally am unable to leave the house without having applied adequate amounts of makeup and having brushed my hair through thoroughly. It’s not that I’m a Beauty Queen or vain in any which way, it’s more that I’d rather not risk scaring the public whilst out and about.

For the same reasons I have yet to leave the house without having doused myself in deodorant and having spritzed myself with at least six squirts of one of the following perfumes. I tend to separate the perfumes according to price and stick to the cheaper options whilst going about my day-to-day life, nights out are another matter!

Here are five of my current fragrance favourites, one of which is no longer made nor available to purchase and should you fancy tracking it down then I wish you luck as you may find yourself waving your wallet contents goodbye.

Benefit – Ring My Bella

This fragrance seems to be available only in smaller bottles which never seems to last long enough. However, the fragrance is floral and quite frankly simply divine to wear whilst out on a summer’s evening.

Five Fragrance Favourites

Paco Rabanne – Olympea

This is one of my regular perfumes, I tend to wear this on a daily basis as whilst it’s fairly expensive it tends to last. This is the closest I have come in terms of matching my personal favourite fragrance ‘Sun Moon & Stars’ (which is no longer made).Five Fragrance Favourites

Nina Ricci- Eau Freaishe

I’m yet to purchase this perfume but each and every time I wander around either duty-free or any fragrance store I cannot help but to find myself drawn towards this fragrance. I have used a fair amount of samples of this fragrance and with a little luck might just find this wrapped up with my name on it come Christmas.

Five Fragrance Favourites


Lacoste- A Touch Of Pink

I wore this perfume on the day that I got married, it’s still a firm favourite as it’s easy to find in most stores and tends to me last me a while. I wear this perfume mostly when on nights out but find the fragrance tends to wear off within a few hours.

Five Fragrance Favourites

Lagerfeld- Sun, Moon & Stars

Finally, here is my personal favourite ‘Sun, Moon & Stars’ which I own a rather large bottle of. However, due to the fact that it’s no longer produced or available to purchase I use this only for very special occasions. Should you happen to have a bottle of this laying about that you don’t want them get in touch and I’ll gladly take it off your hands, this little beauty isn’t only a fabulous fragrance but it’s stored in such a sweet little bottle and is my number one scent.

Five Fragrance Favourites

So there we have it, there are my five favourite fragrances should you fancy giving any of them a try.



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