Fashion Fads & Raising The Brow

I’m not sure whether fashion has changed since the new year came in or whether people have become wise to the recent eyebrow craze. Either way, I am relieved that people seem to have refrained from removing their brows and replacing their arches with thick, dark lines which resembled caterpillars creeping along their faces.

I find it hard enough to read people’s expressions without having to second guess whether they are surprised to see me or if it’s excessive brow-liner. I am no makeup master but I chose to steer well-clear of eyebrow pencils many moons ago.

I suffer from too much hair rather than too little, I therefore stick to waxing, shaping and hoping for the best when it comes to my brows. However, I have a friend who often moans that her brows are far too thin, she therefore spends hours on end penciling her ‘bald brow patches’. These days though, there is an ultimate solution for brow obsessives –  Microblading. Having first assumed that this was some sort of adrenaline-junky skating sport, I found that microblading is in fact an all-new method of ‘brow-boosting’ which taken the beauty world by storm.

Fashion Fads & Raising The Brow

The idea of tattooing your face wasn’t really my thing, that was until I continued my search to find that I may no longer need to spend hours applying (and re-applying) my eye-liner. I wear eye-liner every single day and every single day I have to reapply my liner many times as I suffer from an annoying affliction which results in my makeup melting down my face each and every time I step outside. Two seconds stood in the fresh air is enough to bring tears to my eyes and I’ve had it with carrying tissues everywhere I go to wipe and to dab at my streaming eyes.

could have my eyeliner tattooed on, I could save heaps of cash and time, I could if I had the courage that is. Whilst I may have worn eye-liner since an early age and continue to do so on a daily basis, I think a tattoo seems a little too permanent. I would love to hear from those of you that have chosen to make your makeup a permanent accessory: Is it something which is worth the money? Does it save you time? Was it effective? Would you recommend this treatment? Should I give it a go? 

It’s one thing drawing lines under or over your eyes but going ‘all-out’ and making fashion a ‘forever statement’ is a little too risky for my liking.

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