Facial Skin Care & Beauty Routines

Ever since being a teenager I’ve suffered with bad skin and despite using countless products all of which lay claim to containing the miracle cure for issues such as ache, spots, greasy skin, dry skin, eczema and god knows what else, nothing seems to have worked for me.

I have given up trying in all honesty, there’s very little point in wasting money on what lets face it, is a lost cause! Thankfully my husband is a very understanding man,  and whether my face may shine with grease, have the odd spot here or there it doesn’t seem to matter these days so much as he loves me for who I am on the inside and we are very happily married.

However, this doesn’t stop me worrying about my personal appearance. I am in my thirties now and well aware that very little is going to improve as it’s pretty much downhill from here on in so I hear… I still like to put the effort in and every now and then I treat myself to a mini pamper whether it’s a massage from my good friend Amber or a product claiming to improve my body in some shape or form.

Facial Skin Care & Beauty Routines

I recently came across Neal’s Yard Remedies products stating to be natural, organic and apparently rejuvenating. Hell, being a Mum to two, I am in desperate need of some serious rejuvenation let me tell you!

Neal’s Yard Remedies offer a wide range of  skin care, bath, body, aromatherapy and wellbeing products and gifts, some of which I quite fancy having a flutter on.

Over the years I’ve listened to women twine about their facial routines, from cleansers and toners to full on facial scrubs, it all sounds very technical and quite frankly far too time consuming for my liking. I’m after bagging a quick, easy and simple facial routine which will hopefully provide instant results and if not at least smell nice and I can at least say I’ve tried right?

I’m that used to washing my face with a steaming hot flannel then throwing my makeup on with little thought to lotions or potions that I possibly should be using. I guess now I’m a Mum and I’m hitting that all important ‘transition’ in terms of both my age and skin I ought to give it some thought and for Paul’s sake at least put a little more effort into my skin care routine.

What do you use on your face? What is your ‘facial routine’. Please do speak up and share this information as I haven’t a clue where to start! Whether it’s a comment on the blog, a tweet, an email, whatever! I need some serious facial routine guidance.

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