Taking Care of Your Garden Through the Winter

Winter is upon us and many of our minds have turned to the festive season and the new year ahead. It’s not all too surprising that many of us begin to neglect our gardens at this time of year. Not only are we distracted by other things, but many of us are reluctant to spend time outdoors when it’s cold, wet and potentially frosty. But it really is important that you keep on top of this space if you want to be able to have a beautiful and usable garden when the spring comes back around. Here are a few tips that can help you to maintain a stunning outdoor space!

Taking Care of Your Garden Through the Winter

Use Gardening Services

If you really don’t fancy getting your gardening gloves on yourself, you can always use professional gardening services. Generally speaking, you can request that a gardener visits your home on a relatively regular basis to sort out your garden space. Just make sure that this is a service that you can afford before signing up. If you find yourself short, you may find yourself needing to use your overdraft, Payday loans or another form of credit to pay for the services.

Remove Leaves

If you’re going to take things into your own hands and save a little money, you should start out by removing leaves from your garden. They’re likely to have all fallen from trees by now, but they may be still lying around on the floor. This is extremely bad for your grass, as leaves can block light from reaching your lawn, making it brown and sodden. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking that the wind will eventually blow them away somewhere. You can use a rake to easily gather and collect the leaves to then dispose of them. Alternatively, you can use a leaf blower.

Remember to Water Plants and Grass

Lots of people make the mistake of assuming that we don’t need to water our lawn or plants in the winter. Sure, this will be the case if you have a lot of rain. But sometimes, we still go through dry spells in the winter and, during these, you still need to water everything that needs to be watered yourself.

Use Mulch

If you have flower beds, you should seriously consider spreading a layer of mulch over the soil’s surface. This will prevent the soil from becoming compacted over the winter, which reduces chances of water logging. It can also protect the roots of your perennials from frost!

Raise Potted Plants

If you have any potted plants, you need to raise their pots above ground level. Potted plants can become waterlogged pretty quickly. Ensure that all pots have drainage holes in the bottom and raise them above ground level. You don’t want your plants’ roots to rot!

As you can see, a fair amount of effort is going to have to go into taking care of your garden this winter. But all in all, it’s more than worth the effort!

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