Fabulous Family Fun to Enjoy in the Garden as the Weather Brightens

Now that spring is well and truly in the air, there is so much fun to be had outdoors with your family. Instead of staying cooped up in the house right now, why not make the most of your beautiful backyard? There are so many exciting, energetic and artistic ways to have fun outside with your little ones. Having fun with your children in the garden is so important especially as the weather starts to improve. Whether you’re getting creative or going wild with water, there is so much fun to be had right now with the whole family. Make the most of these little glimmers of sunshine using some of the following ideas.

Fabulous Family Fun to Enjoy in the Garden as the Weather Brightens

Planting Sunflowers

Spring is the perfect time to work on growing the tallest and most beautiful sunflower you could ever imagine. Head to your local garden centre for some seeds and make it into a fun and educational activity for your kids. You may know that water butts collect rainwater, so you can use this supply to water your new beautiful blooms. Not only is this eco-friendly to feed your flowers, but it is also super education for the children too.

Homemade Bird Feed

Feeding the birds is a super kind and enjoyable activity to do with your little ones as the weather warms up. Creating your own homemade bird feed is so easy; there are a number of amazing recipes online that your back garden birds will absolutely love. You will normally have all of the ingredients in your fridge or cupboards already, such as apples, rice, egg shells and seeds. Why not take it one step further and paint a birdhouse together too? Use bright colours and encourage your children to get as creative as possible during this exciting project.


There is nothing quite like a family barbecue, especially as the sun starts to shine a little bit more. Invite all of your extended family around for a gathering and don’t forget your neighbours too. Let the kids blow off some steam with their friends and enjoy some much needed adult time too. The best thing about barbecues is obviously the food, so make sure you stock up on delicious burgers and plenty of drinks to keep the party alive!

Sports Days

Creating your very own fun filled family sports day is what it’s all about right now. From sack races to egg and spoon races, there are absolutely no limits to the fun you can have in your very own back garden. Whether you split into two teams or allow your little ones to race against each other, there are a tonne of fun and healthy activities to encourage your kids to get active. This sort of competitive spirit is so exciting for little ones, so always cheer them on to do their best whenever you can.

Arts and Crafts Outside

Setting up your very own craft table outside will really help you to relax when it comes to painting, colouring and decorating. Instead of worrying about making a mess on the carpet, you will be able to let your kids’ imaginations run free. Whether you’re making greetings cards or painting self portraits your children will remember these special moments forever.

Water Games

There are so many fun water games to play outside as a family as the weather gradually gets warmer. If you’re not always keen on making a mess, then you’re just going to have to grin and bear this activity. There are so many ways to use water as a super fun activity outside. From water gun fights to slip and slides, you can have so much fun. Make sure it’s warm enough to endure cold water, otherwise the games might not be as enjoyable as you’d hoped!

Getting out in the garden when you can is so important, especially when the weather is beautiful outside. Encouraging your children to keep active and healthy whilst they’re not at school is also so important. Make sure you limit screen time as much as possible and lead by example when it comes to getting outdoors. There are so many reasons to go outside and enjoy some much needed family fun time. Instead of staying indoors you can have a whole host of fun in the sun doing all sorts of exciting activities. Try them out for yourself right now and you won’t be able to resist going outside in the garden with your gorgeous little ones.

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