Pipe Dreaming

The weather has made a sudden turn around, the sun is finally shining, the temperature has risen and having collected J from school the kids are now happily playing outside on the trampoline together.

It wont be too long until the garden is complete with artificial grass, decking and decoration ready for the summer time. I can’t wait until the kids can play out all year round without fear of sinking into a mossy mud bath.

I’m yet to source a new brolly for the picnic table, an outdoor clock and some decorative items to brighten up the back a little.…

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Garden Gazing – Designing Our Dream Garden

Since moving house almost five years ago Paul and I have found ourselves groaning at the garden year in year out as despite endless prodding, poking and pruning we still have the worst drainage imaginable resulting in a garden akin to a swamp.

At one side of the garden we have a rather dated greenhouse which I fear could pose potential danger for the kids and a shed, which in my opinion faces the wrong direction and is placed slap bang in the muddiest portion of the garden making accessing said shed near impossible unless you dare venture down the uneven concrete slab path which is also caked in crap.…

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